“The people’s power MBC accusation is deterred”

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In relation to President Yoon Seok-yeol’s profanity controversy, MBC’s report was distorted and the People’s Power filed a complaint with the prosecution.

In response, a civic group filed a counter-accusation against the people’s power, and today the officials were investigated by the police.

They emphasized the need to express the position of the president himself, who is a party to the remarks, and emphasized the need for an investigation into President Yoon as a reference, and the need to read the voice of the National Forensic Service.

Reporter Yoon Su-han will tell you.

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In connection with the controversy over the president’s profanity, officials from civic groups who accused the people of ignoring the power of the people appeared at the police.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Cyber ​​Investigation Team, which is investigating about 10 MBC-related accusations, this time summoned and investigated the accusers.

A civic group said, “It is typical innocence to accuse me of fabricating only MBC, even though I know that the majority of domestic and foreign media reported the same statement of President Yoon Seok-yeol.”


“The slang term for OO, a derogatory term, and clearly stated that he was President Biden. Isn’t this only reported by MBC? Everyone. All the domestic and foreign media, even hardline conservative media, all reported as Biden.”

They also emphasized the need for an investigation into President Yoon and the need to read the voice of the National Forensic Service, saying, “In order to resolve the controversy, the president himself, who is the speaker, needs a clear statement of position.”

Previously, the police were reported to have called and investigated one after another, including the first accuser, the People’s Strength Seoul National Assembly, and those who claimed that MBC distorted the subtitles and damaged President Yoon’s honor.

While the investigation of the accuser is known to be in the final stage, the police are known to be contemplating the timing and method of the compulsory investigation procedure, such as a search and seizure.

[최기상/더불어민주당 의원(지난 7일, 국회)]

“Considering the freedom of the press, I think you should be a little more careful about whether or not to start the investigation or the process. What’s your opinion?”

[남구준/국가수사본부장(지난 7일, 국회)]

“Yes, I understand.”

As soon as the analysis of the positions of the two accusers is finished, the police will secure the video of the president’s remarks and begin the full-scale analysis process.

This is Yoon Su-han from MBC News.

Video coverage: Young-geun Jang / Video editing: Ji-won Song

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