The performance of the national opera “Jiang Sister” was successfully held. “The Fifth Generation of Jiang Sister” Wang Li recreated the red classic_Spirit

Original title: The performance of the national opera “Jiang Sister” was successfully held. “The Fifth Generation of Jiang Sister” Wang Li recreated the red classic

On the evening of August 29, the classic national opera “Jiang Sister” produced by the Art Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Publicity Bureau of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission and the China Opera and Dance Theatre was successfully staged at Tianqiao Art Center. “The Fifth Generation of Jiang Sister” Wang Li and other performing artists presented a touching heroic hymn to everyone through their easy-to-do performances, and once again recalled that red memory with everyone, reshaped the red classic with ingenuity, and sang with singing. Zhengzheng oath.

Inherit the red spirit, engrave the red mark, praise the revolutionary journey, and create a spiritual monument.

The young singer Wang Li has been tirelessly exploring and innovating in her artistic career, and as the “fifth generation of sister Jiang”, she has always spared no effort to inherit the great red spirit. From the National Grand Theater to Shenyang, Shenzhen, Sichuan Panzhihua, Guang’an Bashu and other parts of the country, from the grassroots to the countryside, factories, mines and schools, Wang Li inherited the red spirit everywhere, and this time he participated in celebrating the centenary of the party’s classic national opera. “Jiang Sister” is exactly the 100th performance in which she appeared in Jiang Sister, which is a very far-reaching day for her. Wang Li’s natural and unpretentious performance created the flesh-and-blood, awe-inspiring “Jiang Sister” image deeply rooted in the hearts of the audience. Not only that, she has also republished the large-scale national opera “Jiang Sister” DVD to tribute to the motherland. The whole work is in the plot introduction, the creative team, the actor of Sister Jiang in the five-generation opera, Wang Li’s introduction, the lines of seven operas and each song The lyrics, scores and other content are all available, which can be said to be a brand new milestone in the inheritance and promotion of the spirit of Sister Jiang.

“Opera artists must not forget their original intentions, be firm and confident, and work hard to sing well in the national opera with Chinese style and Chinese style, create more good works that embody the spirit of the times, and live up to this great era.” This is Wang Li once said and insisted on doing things. In her artistic career, Wang Li has been studying and innovating Chinese-style bel canto. How to express each work more appropriately, how to shape each character more full and vividly, how to interpret the plot more clearly, is also what she has been doing. In hard thinking and innovation. This time, she has no more unique skills in the singing of the classic national opera “Jiang Sister” to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the party. Everything starts from the character of Sister Jiang. The voice serves the role (unbounded singing), which is full of passion and affection. .

The original heart is like a rock, and the fire is passed down to build a dream and forge ahead into a new era

Red, inheritance, and promotion, each word has a strong sense of strength and responsibility.

For decades, “Jiang Sister”, hailed as a red classic, has been prosperous, and countless performances have attracted crowds of audiences and no one is absent. Sister Jiang’s noble quality of self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice is very important to everyone. A generation has a profound influence. The heroes of each era emerge one after another, and they also condense and show the red spirit of persevering in faith and indomitable. Zhang Guimei, the “most beautiful principal” who burned herself and ignited her dreams, also took Sister Jiang as an example in her life. Her weak body accumulates great energy. She devotes all of her support and help to the children in the mountains from generation to generation, dedicating all her touching feelings. Deeds moved the world.

“Spring silkworms continue to die, leaving others to protect against the wind and cold.” Carrying forward the glorious tradition, continuing the red bloodline, and inheriting and carrying forward the great revolutionary spirit is the responsibility of each of us. Wang Li, who is deeply influenced by the “Sister Jiang Spirit”, has always kept this responsibility in mind. In her life, she has never stopped inheriting the “Red Plum Spirit” and carried forward the spirit of Sister Jiang. Wang Li, who was named a charity ambassador by the China Charity Federation, has donated several times since 2006 to care for the disabled, earthquake relief, and Hope Primary School. A few years ago, Wang Li was deeply moved by the deeds of the CCTV reporter Zhai Shuyan of “Focus on Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers” who died on duty. Soon, she and Zhai Shuyan’s daughter Zhai Yu jointly launched the “Red Plum Girl Care Action”, which gave a deep impression on the great Liangshan Mountain. The “Daliangshan Pillars Class” formed by the AIDS orphans of the local government made charitable donations, fulfilled social responsibilities with practical actions, and made the red spirit more brilliant in real life.

Wang Li has been actively involved in charity, and has also maintained an unremitting pursuit of art. Whether she portrayed the clamorous, iron-clad, dying, yet emotionally delicate “women do not bear the eyebrows” Jiang Jie portrayed in “Jiang Sister”, or the sad and sad beauty played in the original Chinese opera “The Canal Ballad” , The innocent and kind blind girl Guan Yanyan, or the playful, cute and clever robot Miss Olympia in the classic French opera “The Hoffman’s Story”, etc., she can deal with all kinds of different characters and roles calmly, and her thorough interpretation is on the scene. Can arouse empathy from the audience. Behind this perfect stage is her repeated contemplations and perceptions of works, characters and performance methods. In recent years, she has been intensively researching, combining the beauty of bel canto with the melodious and popular gentleness of the nation more closely, and condensing her many years of life experience and personal emotions in each work. She has been forging ahead. Achievements, each work is very artistic, contemporary and national fusion.

In this rehearsal of the classic national opera “Jiang Sister” celebrating the centenary of the founding of the party, Wang Li tried her best to meet the needs of contemporary audiences in terms of lines, performances and singing. This is not only a gluttonous feast of art, but also a gift to reminisce the centuries, and it is also an unforgettable red spirit inheritance. The performance ended successfully, and the inheritance of the red spirit will continue. Wang Li will carry forward the spirit of Sister Jiang and continue on the journey.Return to Sohu to see more


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