The perfume made in Spain that gives happiness and well-being and that you can use all year round

Apparently, a perfume can do a lot more for you than you think. It not only serves to carry us a
nice smell, it can also make our mood. And all thanks to
aromatherapy. If you want to lift your spirits you have to look
a perfume that smells of happiness and we have a very special one that is not as low cost as
these from Mangobut it is well worth it.

Aromatherapy is a technique that uses essential oils from aromatic plants, flowers, leaves, seeds, barks and fruits to promote and help improve some conditions of the human body, as well as influence mood.

There are candles, air fresheners, vaporizers and, above all, perfumes that play with this technique. And today we bring you one of the latter and that, as explained by the brand, is a
perfume that conveys this peace and harmony so desired in our times.

Kiss Beach perfume.

Is regarding
happy kiss (165 euros), a fragrance that belongs to an exclusive collection of perfumes that has been released
Beso Beach, the iconic beach club of Formentera and Ibiza. And they are fragrances and perfumes that manage to retain the most pleasant sensations,

They are developed by renowned perfumers of the stature of Jordi Fernández, Olivier Cresp, Annick Ménardo or Christophe Raynaud and stand out for having evocative names, a sober and elegant design and notes that ensure that, when you close your eyes, a world full of sensations, sun , sand, salt, sea, waves…

Happy Kiss is a perfume that is
the reflection of the most hippy Ibiza, a flash of happiness and harmony of the 60s, full of freedom, peace and love. The great Carlos Benaïm leaves his mark on this fragrance that invites you to “enjoy life thanks to
its aromatic output that makes it cheerful and fun».

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Loewe’s marijuana air freshener.

We might say that it is a kiss with smoked marijuana flavor to create a sensation of well-being and calm. A main ingredient that we can find in many other perfumes and in products such as
Loewe Marijuana spray air freshener.

We’re talking regarding the “Scent of Marijuana” air freshener spray that captures the relaxing aroma of sativa weed and reveals delicate woody notes. It is an olfactory creation that highlights the most real and purest scents of nature and you can buy it for 88 euros.

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