The perpetrator of the bow attack in Norway is a radicalized convert to Islam

Scientific police collect evidence at the scene of the attack, in the Norwegian city of Kongongsberg

Convicted of minor offenses, he has already acknowledged the facts and cooperates with the authorities

The man arrested for the bow and arrow attack that left five dead in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg has confessed the facts to the police, who have identified the suspect as a convert to Islam under surveillance for the risk of possible radicalization.

Four women and a man between the ages of 50 and 70 lost their lives and two other people were injured in this attack, in which other weapons that the Police have not yet reported were also used, pending further investigation. investigations and gather more witness testimony.

Police chief Ole Bredrup Sæverud has confirmed that the suspect, a 37-year-old Danish man, had already drawn the attention of the authorities, although for now the terrorist variable remains only one of the hypotheses being considered. The police do seem convinced that he acted alone, reports the TV2 network.

The suspect has already acknowledged his participation in the attack in his first interrogations with the security forces, with which he appears to be willing to cooperate.

A man armed with a bow kills at least five people in Norway

The detainee, who resides in Kongsberg, had already been convicted on several occasions, albeit for minor crimes, including theft or the purchase of small amounts of drugs, according to sources cited by the NRK chain. In 2020, he received a six-month restraining order after threatening to kill a family member.

The Chief of Police has clarified in his appearance that the notices around this person do not correspond to 2021, although he has preferred not to give too many details in this regard. The institution itself recognizes that there is a risk that radical Islamists perpetuate attacks in Norway.

National consternation

The incident has led to messages of condemnation and rejection by the entire political class, including the outgoing Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, and who is called to succeed her, the Labor member, Jonas Ghar Store. The Royal House also wanted to join this Thursday in this shared condolences.

King Harald has lamented on his behalf and that of his family the “tragic” events, for which he has been “dismayed”. The monarch has expressed in a statement his condolences to the families of the victims and also to the small town of Kongsberg, indicating that the whole country is by his side


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