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The Persian Gulf at the time of relaxation

Guided by their economic interests, Saudi Arabia and its neighbors are struggling to turn the page on their disputes.

After years of tensions, the time has come for relaxation between the Gulf monarchies, which are due to meet at a summit in mid-December in Saudi Arabia. In recent days, a series of visits between leaders who had difficult, even sometimes hostile relations, took place in several capitals of the Arabian Peninsula.

The most striking is that which began Wednesday in Qatar, the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed Ben Salman, the first since the strong man of Arabia nicknamed MBS took the reins of the kingdom.

It comes eleven months after Qatar and Arabia buried their hatchet. In 2017, Mohammed Ben Salman, pushed by his Emirati ally the Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Zayed, had a little hastily imposed a land and air embargo on their tiny neighbor whom they accused of being too close to Iran, of financing the terrorism and supporting political Islam, embodied by the Muslim Brotherhood. Cleverly, Qatar, thanks to its strengthening

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