The petition for a “Christmas without Amazon” targets a cyberattack

The deputies Matthieu Orphelin (ex-LREM) and François Ruffin (LFI), at the initiative of this petition, plan to file a complaint.

Through Le Figaro with AFP

The cyberattack was reportedly carried out on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday.
The cyberattack was reportedly carried out on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. Alexi Tauzin –

The petition launched Tuesday by politicians and associations for a “Christmas without Amazon” was the victim of a “large-scale cyberattack», Denounced Thursday two of its initiators, Matthieu Orphelin (ex-LREM) and François Ruffin (LFI). The two deputies plan to file a complaint. Foiled after “long working hours“, The attack was carried out on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday”through 218 servers belonging to the same person whose identity could be traced», They detail in a press release.

«This person is the manager of several IT companies, specializing in ‘e-reputation’, marketplace, lobbying and e-marketing, and has been certified Amazon Web Services“, A sort of label granted by the group to many professionals, they say. According to Matthieu Orphelin and François Ruffin, “several tens of thousands of fraudulent contributions were added, in an attempt to overload the server hosting the petition in order to make it inaccessible and to damage the count and the database of signatories».

«This attack constitutes an obvious obstacle to the right to petition. It is also an attempt to interfere in the public debate in order to break a dynamic of citizen mobilization, on the very sensitive subject of the development of Amazon in France and the promotion of its alternatives.», They say.

25,000 people signing

Left-wing elected officials and environmentalists like Anne Hidalgo (PS) or Eric Piolle (EELV), personalities from the world of culture and associations joined in this petition, to commit themselves not to use the Amazon platform during the Christmas time. It had been signed Thursday afternoon by some 25,000 people.

The petitioners, who paint a grim picture of the social, fiscal and environmental consequences of Amazon’s development, plead to favor the use of local shops or the circular economy for Christmas gifts. This, while the opening of small shops is suspended to the evolution of the health situation in the face of the coronavirus epidemic.


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