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The phone incident again .. The mother of a child with autism demands that Ronaldo be punished

by archyde

Although months have passed since the Manchester United striker was smashed Cristiano Ronaldo The phone of a teenage fan on the field, following a defeat by Everton this season, but the incident still haunts the famous player.

Sarah Harding’s mother, 14, who has autism, has appealed to the Football Association not to allow Ronaldo to “get away with it”.

“Let’s hope he finally gets the appropriate punishment,” she said. “He cannot get away with it. His behavior is unacceptable.”

“This is an insult”

She also added in an interview with the British newspaper “Mirror”, “He should have been dealt with 6 months ago. My son talks about what happened to him every day.”

She also added that Ronaldo did not apologize to her or her son, explaining: “He offered us to meet him and said he was sorry, but he did nothing wrong,” stressing that “this is not an apology, this is an insult.”

Accusation of inappropriate behavior

mention that Ronaldo He has been charged by the Football Association with inappropriate conduct after he smashed Jacob’s phone.

And the FA stated in a statement at the time that: “Cristiano Ronaldo was charged with breaking the rules during an incident that occurred in the Manchester United Premier League match against Everton on the ninth of April 2022,” adding that “the attacker’s behavior after the final whistle was improper and/or violent.” .

Cristiano Ronaldo (Reuters)

United have said they support Ronaldo in response to the accusation.

hand bruise

It is noteworthy that Ronaldo, 37, had apologized to the fan for the incident via social media, after United lost 1-0 at Goodison Park last April.

A video showed that Ronaldo expressed his anger by hitting the mobile phone to drop it from the boy’s hand while he was walking in the tunnel leading to the dressing rooms. Sarah, the boy’s mother, said at the time that he had a hand bruise and his phone screen had been shattered.

Portugal’s captain also received a police warning in August for the situation.

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