The phone was in the closet: The Homburg Imperial Apartments

IIn the large dining room you can immediately see where the last German emperor sat. Not because his chair at the table would be different from the other plain wooden chairs. Rather, it is a silver fork with only three prongs, one of which is sharpened like a knife that refers to Wilhelm II. The custom-made product, allegedly an idea of ​​his mother, Empress Friedrich, was supposed to make it easier for the son, whose arm was paralyzed, to eat.

Sandra Kegel

Responsible editor for the features section.

The elaborate, ten million euro refurbishment and restoration of the so-called king’s wing in Homburg Castle, which was built at the end of the seventeenth century and has been rebuilt again and again, took a good ten years. From Wednesday on, this only remaining imperial apartment among the former eighty palaces and castles of the Hohenzollern family is accessible again. Mainly thanks to the excellent location of the sources, the living and social rooms on a good thousand square meters have been restored to their authentic state. In doing so, legends were cleared up as well as incorrect equipment. Not only are castle tours by candlelight now a thing of the past in rooms that the technology fool Wilhelm II had equipped with electric cables and porcelain light switches. In the classical-style, yellow-covered dining room, too, the restorers put authenticity before false gloss.


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