The photo of Marco Antonio Solís’ first-born son, “El Buki”, comes to light and the networks explode | News from El Salvador

It is known that the singer’s only son, who bears his name, lives in Cancun, Mexico.

The image of Marco Antonio Solís is generally not linked to controversy. At times it has been peppered with the stories of their romantic relationships. However, now he is in the media eye after a photograph was leaked that would be proof that he also has a son.

In public view, Buki is the father of three women. The eldest, named Beatriz, daughter of her first marriage to fellow singer Beatriz Adriana. And two other daughters named Marla and Alison, whom he had with his current wife Cristy Solís.

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Photo: Instagram

However, it seems that the Solís clan has one more member. It is about Marco Antonio Solís Jr. Who would be the first-born son of the interpreter of “If you hadn’t gone away”.

Although the identity of the mother is unknown, the Internet portal “EnPareja” reported that the only male child of the Mexican singer-songwriter lives in Cancun, Mexico with his sister and mother.

The revealing photograph was posted on an Instagram account that broadcasts themes of the show. The publication has generated mixed reactions among followers who debate the veracity of the news.

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But there was a detail that came to light, about Marco Jr. and that is that some followers pointed out that the first-born has a type of disability. And to everyone’s surprise Beatriz Solís spoke about it.

“He only has a small physical disability, but he is more alive than anything. I love you brother! ”, Commented Beatriz. The followers immediately thanked him for his gesture. “Thank you very much Beatriz! I am very happy that it is so and I have no doubt that you love your brother ”.

Despite the news, “El Buki” does not have photographs with his son on his social networks. Just as she does with her three daughters, who despite not being from the same mother have a wonderful sisterly relationship.


Photo: Instagram


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