The photo of “Zelensky year 1999 New York” is more false than Putin’s referendums – Bulocracy

Critics of the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, have already shared on social networks a manipulated image of him with a t-shirt with the swastikaanother directly dressed in a Nazi uniform of the SS, they have immortalized him full of cocaine or they have branded him as “Gypsy whiter than normal but they are like that in Ukraine”which is already for note.

Now we see how it is shared, especially on Twitter, a alleged “Photograph of Zelenski year 1999 New York”which is better to see than to describe.

This image is manipulated and is not of Zelensky. They just glued their face to the person with the black hair. It is not shared by enthusiasts of the LGTBI movement, logically, but by those who always put as example of rabble to the members of this group.

Another version of the same image is accompanied by the caption “USA, Boston, in the year 1999. Zelenski and his henchmen…”. The year matches, but not the American city. The sharers themselves do not agree.

Manipulating a photo is very easy, increasingly thanks to multitude of applications that allow it, each in its own way. But trying to attribute an image to the Ukrainian president just to call him gay sheds much light on who does. He portrays them extensively.

The original photo that has been used to paste Zelensky’s face it was taken by photographer Thomas Hobbs at a Pride parade y He posted it on his Flickr account on June 26 2006. Who knows how they found her and why.

there we see Another facemore painted, in the person who is supposed to be Volidímir Zelensky. The photo has been modified ‘a lo Maduro’.

And it is that in February 2019 we already commented in Bulocracia that the “Affiliates of Vox”, especially, they loved the idea that the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, was gayand at that time some of their related social networks spread an image with this legend: “Nicolás Maduro when he made love and not war. It is not known if he was active or passive but it is rumored that he was even Chavez’s lover “.

The original photograph then used to paste Maduro’s face It was captured by Franco-Algerian photographer Jean Pierre Laffont in 1971during the celebration of the Second Gay Pride in New York.

They don’t change the pattern at all. These traditional and conservative people who cut out the faces of their enemies and place them on openly gay audiences, can only want to show us than those who hate, if they are also ‘lost fagots’, even better. He pleases them more.

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