The Physicians Syndicate strongly condemns the attack on Dr. Hayek.

The head of the Lebanese Doctors Syndicate, Professor Sharaf Abou Sharaf, issued the following statement:
The Lebanese Doctors Syndicate in Beirut strongly condemns the knife attack against the surgeon, Hisham Hayek, at a gas station in his Maghdouche area, with the aim of resolving a dispute that existed there between disputants. It requests the relevant security and judicial authorities to pursue the aggressors whose identity is known by name, arrest them, arrest them, and refer them to trial before the competent judiciary to inflict the most severe penalties on them in order to preserve truth and justice and to preserve the rights and dignity of doctors, especially after the recent exacerbation of their migration crisis due to the economic, security and health conditions that Lebanon suffers from.
And what was committed against many doctors, especially doctor Hisham Hayek, to urge us more than ever to insist on the necessity of approving draft laws related to the professional immunity of the doctor and all infringements on him and his rights, by the Parliamentary Administration and Justice Committee and to be finally ratified by the The General Assembly of the Lebanese Parliament.
It should be noted that the Physicians Syndicate has continued and is still communicating with all political and private stakeholders to facilitate the provision of gasoline to doctors and nursing staff so that they can perform their national and humanitarian duty. The Supreme Defense Council, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Defense, the Army Command, and the Ministry of Interior were contacted. And the Ministry of Energy, which issued a circular to the stations recommending that doctors and nursing staff be given priority. However, the current security situation, despite all the efforts and efforts undertaken by the Medical Syndicate, impedes finding the final comprehensive and firm solutions to what doctors and nursing staff suffer daily in the “queues of humiliation.”
And that the Lebanese Medical Syndicate will follow up and prosecute the case in accordance with legal principles, in an effort to arrest the aggressors and those responsible for the assault and to punish them, especially since their identity is known in order to achieve truth and justice and to preserve the medical profession in general and the medical body in particular.

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