The ‘Pinocchio’ with Roberto Benigni stars in the premieres of the week

Guillermo del Toro and Robert Zemeckis prepare their own versions of Pinocchio, but the fastest was the Italian Matteo Garrone, who premiered this Friday his version of the classic tale by Roberto Benigni. The weekend billboard also welcomes the late premiere of ‘Knight of cups’ by Terrence Malick and the Spanish “Uno para todos”, a luminous film that vindicates the figure of the teacher in the skin of David Verdaguer, and “Sin forgetfulness ‘A look at the Holocaust in former Czechoslovakia.


The wooden boy who wanted to be real

Since Walt Disney released the movie ‘Pinocchio’ in 1940, based on Carlo Collodi’s book ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’ (1883), numerous adaptations have followed, most of them animated. Now, Italian director Matteo Garrone returns to the true roots of the Pinocchio story with a live-action film steeped in fantasy and mystery, starring Roberto Benigni in the role of Gepetto, having played Pinocchio in his own film. in 2002.

‘One for all’

Tribute to the figure of the teacher

From the portrait of corruption in ‘B (de Bárcenas)’ (2015), his debut feature, the Pamplona David Ilundain maintains his committed gaze on his second feature film, ‘Uno para todos’, a tribute to the figure of the teacher who stars in the Catalan David Verdaguer. Ilundain has once again been inspired by the newspapers, now to tell the story of an interim teacher who arrives again in an Aragonese town as a tutor for a sixth grade group and as soon as he arrives he learns that he must reintegrate a sick child in Classroom.

‘Knight of Cups’

Terrence Malick late release

Although it is from 2015, Terrence Malick’s film had not been released in Spain until now, which it does thanks to the distributor Avalon -which also plans to rescue this fall ‘Song to song’- and simultaneously on platforms. The film tells the story of Rick (Christian Bale), a millionaire but unhappy Hollywood screenwriter, who tries to find the meaning of love and life through a spiritual journey through relationships from his past. Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett and Antonio Banderas complete the cast.

‘Without forgetting’

A look at the Holocaust

After his stint at the Berlinale, this film by Slovak director Martin Sulík comes to Spain. It tells the story of Ali Ungar, an 80-year-old interpreter who travels to Vienna in search of the former Nazi officer who could have executed his parents in Slovakia. It is the last work of the well-known Czech director Jirí Menzel, winner of an Oscar for ‘Rigorously guarded trains’ and who died on September 5, who this time was in front of the camera as a co-star of the film.

‘The Offering (The Offering’) ‘

One travels through guilt

Documentary filmmaker and producer Ventura Durall has taken up fiction direction again after ‘The Two Lives of Andrés Rabadán’ (2008) with this marriage between the Greek tragedy and the psychological thriller. ‘L’Ofrena’ (‘The Offering’) is the story of an old adolescent love that ended badly and his attempts, years later, to rewrite history. They are Jan (Álex Brendemühl), Rita (Verónica Echegui) and Violeta (Anna Alarcón) and the plot takes place in two stages – with ‘flashback’ – and from their three points of view.


Horror story in the middle of the jungle

The debut feature Alejandro Ibáñez, son of the late Chicho Ibáñez Serrador, is an express tribute to the director of “Who can kill a child?” that Ibáñez conceived as a result of his father falling ill. “Urubú” is a story of psychological terror that ends up entering bloodier territories with a family trapped in the middle of the Amazon. The purpose of the protagonist (Carlos Urrutia) when traveling to Brazil is to be able to photograph the albino urubú, a bird of which there are no records in freedom.


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