the pivot index is exceeded, salaries and allowances will increase

Inflation increased from 7.59% to 8.04% in February, its highest level since March 1983, the month during which it rose to 8.92%, communicated Statbel. Inflation based on the health index goes from 7.12% to 7.56%.

The smoothed health index, on the other hand, was 114,60 points in February. The central index for the civil service and social allowances, set at 113.76 points, has thus been exceeded.

The sharp increase in inflation this month is due, as in recent months, to high energy prices. Energy inflation currently stands at 60,99%.

Core inflation, which does not take into account the trend in the prices of energy products and unprocessed food products, is also on the rise: it stands at 3,28% in February, compared to 2.98% in January.

In February, the main price increases concerned:

  • fuels
  • electricity
  • alcoholic beverages
  • the vegetables
  • the fruits
  • heating oil
  • flowers and plants
  • fish and seafood.

Natural gas, on the other hand, exerted a downward effect on the index.

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