the “plague victims” of Hubei, new outcasts from China

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TESTIMONIALS – Residents from the epicenter province of the epidemic are being chased, denounced and rejected in their own country. Victims of coronavirus-triggered psychosis tell Figaro their nightmarish daily life.

Across China, neighborhood committees go door to door in search of new “lepers”. Sometimes people are forced into their homes. THOMAS PETER / REUTERS

Correspondent in Beijing

No Valentine’s Day for “Lin Mo”. The 21-year-old worker had already spent the last two nights under a bridge in Canton and was still looking for accommodation on social media in the afternoon of the feast of lovers. “Tonight, I don’t know where I’m going to sleep”, confided already Wednesday the young man, as the wet night fell on the rainy avenues of the southern megalopolis of greater China.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the vagrant has wandered like a troubled soul in search of a roof over social media. “I have already slept in a hallway of a building, on cardboard boxes. When it’s not raining, the cold is still bearable ”, said the worker, who agreed to testify by telephone under this assumed name, caught up in the psychosis that surrounds the most populous country in the world at the time of Covid-19.

Rejected by his compatriots

Winter is mild in the Pearl River Delta, but people’s reactions are less so when they discover the province

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