The planet Mars as you have never seen it thanks to the Pic du Midi Observatory

Thanks to the images of Mars taken by the Pic du Midi Observatory, three astronomers have produced a rotating globe of Mars. – F. Colas, T. Legault, JL Dauvergne. /S2P/IMCCE/OMP

Every 780 days, the Sun, the Terre and
Mars find themselves aligned in this direction. And this was the case in October, the red planet is said was in opposition, the opportunity for
the Pic du Midi to scrutinize it with his one meter diameter telescope. So many images that allowed three amateur and professional astronomers to build a complete planisphere, and even a 3D version, where we can see the polar cap of the planet.

“Based on our images of Mars taken over six nights in October and November, Jean-Luc Dauvergne built a complete planisphere and generated hundreds of images to make a rotating globe of Mars. These two stereo pairs show the rotation in 3D. We use the parallel technique. Two rolls of paper or cardboard, held like binoculars, can help direct each eye to the corresponding globe, ”explains on social networks Thierry legault, specialist in astrophotography.

A complete mapping of Mars

Images taken with Francois Colas of the Institute of Celestial Mechanics and Ephemeris Calculation and Staging, after several hours of work, in a rotating and 3D version by
Jean Luc Dauvergne of Sky and Space.

On arrival, this gives a complete cartography of Mars with an almost unmatched resolution for images taken from the cow floor.

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