“The platforms will once again be pedestrians”: Mayor Pumarejo

In a new phase of the process of transformation of the urban environment that has been promoted by the hand of projects such as ‘Barrios a la Obra’ and ‘Todos al Parque’, the District of Barranquilla is preparing to fully recover the city’s platforms .

Mayor Jaime Pumarejo Heins indicated that through this initiative it is sought that “pedestrians finally stop fighting the platforms with cars,” as they currently do in some sectors.

The district president explained that within the framework of this project, a pilot has been envisaged to collect information and socialize with the citizens of the Regulated Parking Zones (ZER), spaces similar to those of that operate in the main cities of the world for parking vehicles.

In this sense, some cells that already have the city’s roads will be set up as blue zones, on the Gran Malecón del Río and a quadrant between streets 52 and 85, from Carrera 43 to Carrera 58.

“This new phase of the urban environment transformation program takes into account the constant complaint of the pedestrian, who tells us that he cannot circulate, and he is right, the pedestrian has all the priority and we are going to give it to him”, explained the mayor Jaime Pumarejo.

The selection criteria took into account factors such as vehicular congestion, temporary lane occupation, demand for parking spaces, use of urban impact and road profiles.

According to studies that support the district initiative, the city has a high demand for parking needs in some sectors. An estimated 30% of vehicles seek parking in the most congested areas, causing vehicular chaos at peak hours.

The idea, in principle, is to initiate a series of focal meetings with cyclists, the population with reduced mobility, shopkeepers, car attendants and citizens in general, to socialize the initiative and obtain the necessary feedback.


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