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Ascendant Virgo, sign of the times

Like fireworks. In recent years, French song has seen itself as a vast laboratory of the possible. Where all genres mix, also collide, are always reinvented under the blows of a young generation without blinders. Of course, not everything is guaranteed to be in the best taste, but this thirst for adventures with broad ideas often gives rise to the most exciting projects.

Like this unlikely collaboration between the furious producer Paul Seul, co-founder of the hardcore techno revivalist collective Casual Gabberz, and the eccentric singer Mathilde Fernandez, able in the same breath to evoke Mylène Farmer, Maria Callas and Céline Dion. The cow ! On their recent EP, the duo are making upbeat and futuristic rave music (Discoteca) that will certainly drive the dance floors of all Macumbas around the world crazy when they reopen in 2032.

An extreme wave (the hysteric Never right) and brutal which nevertheless retains in all circumstances a rare elegance and an almost pop accessibility. Because the seven titles of Virgin are all potential hits that we would dream of hearing absolutely everywhere. From the radio to the supermarket. And above all, the heady ones Impossible but true or Do and redo cause an immediate urge to sing them at the top of their lungs, while squirming madly. Except that we do not have the vocal organ of Mathilde Fernandez. Nobody is perfect. Patrice Bardot

Virgin (Live from Earth Klub)

La playlist

Prudence, More Love (Kiddy Smile Remix)

Olivia, the former singer of The Dø, is hooking up with the new house king and it is undoubtedly the legs wriggling. A kind of futuristic r’n’b with a hard beat. He is predicted to have great success on the dancefloors. From the private sphere of course …

Starbabe, Attack

This young duo from Tel Aviv regularly releases beautifully decadent and free sung electronic UFOs. Analog machines pound between New Beat, electro-techno and coldwave. The disturbing voice chants devious slogans. Definitely surreal.

Mimaa, Gipsy

Suddenly, a complete stranger offers you a hit. We fell stiff from this improbable song-reggae-Latin-Balkan-r’n’b mix. A perfectly indigestible statement on paper. We concede it. However, this young woman, not without humor, bewitches us. A gipsy what.

Nusky, Ding Ding Ding

Alternative rap? Yes, because he cannot find his happiness in the dominant trap nebula. Discovered a few years ago with his beatmaker accomplice Vaati, this rather outrageous rapper, displays a flow that ignites as the punchlines go. A perf.

Moscoman, Eyes Wide Strut (Each Other remix)

Going unnoticed this summer because of the virus, the second album by the Israeli Moscoman is entitled to a second chance, thanks to a remix of the New Yorkers of Each Other, which deepens Eyes Wide Strut with an orgy of analog synths. Two versions, two tubes.



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