The PlayStation 5 in 5 figures

Sony’s next-gen is finally here. This November 19 marks the release of the PlayStation 5. The opportunity to come back in 5 key figures on this eagerly awaited console.


A first figure which may surprise. But that’s actually the exact number of PlayStation 5s you’ll find on store shelves.

In order to avoid any crowd or queue before the official release (and avoid any health risk linked to COVID-19), Sony has simply asked resellers not to offer a PS5 in stores. The console was therefore only available for pre-orders. Was, because currently, it is impossible to obtain a copy without putting yourself on a waiting list that we imagine very long.


The number of updates planned that will allow you to play in 8K, a resolution 4 times greater than 4K.


It sold more PlayStation 5s in 12 hours than PlayStation 4s in 12 weeks. The console was indeed already available in 7 countries since November 12, including Japan.

According to estimates by Famitsu magazine, it sold 118,085 PlayStation 5s in four days in the country.


This is the number of PlayStation 4 games that will be compatible on PS5. For information, here is the list of games that will not be compatible, according to Sony.


The price, in euros, of a gold-plated PlayStation 5. The model, published in only 250 copies, therefore costs 8500 euros more expensive than the classic version, and 8600 euros more than the “Digital Edition” of the console, without a Blu-Ray player.

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