the poetic expression of activism




Empowerment, resistance and rebellion. “Fragile” words drawn by hand and wrapped in lights that receive us and put us in a situation of what is to come: “an attitude towards art and towards life”.

The Covid-19 forced Maribel Domènech (Valencia, 1951) to inaugurate its Daily actions virtually. But the retrospective of a 35-year career is once again open to the public in the Carmen Center from the capital of Turia to take stock of the artist’s committed and feminist art through sculptures, installations, photographs, videos and collaborative projects.

A work full of seaworthy references to The Cabanyal and very influenced by the intense fight so that it did not disappear. Doménech led for many years the movement against Rita Barberá’s government plans to destroy the maritime neighborhood. «The uncertainty of not knowing if you are going to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself keeps you moving forward. It is part of your daily life and when you get to the workshop you continue in that battle and he moves to the construction site», Domènech explains to ABC.

The artist continues to be an activist with her work through poetic expression and always from the collective feeling that arises from experiences and experiences of daily life. Sometimes consciously. Others don’t », he says.

Image of the work “The Martí and Cabanyal Sisters” – MIKEL PONCE

Weaving life

Throughout twelve stays – one more unpublished if the tour is done through the web– the different problems that the Maribel Domènech work can be recognized: the feminist movement, the fight against gender violence, climate change or the passage of time.

The central room is chaired by the project «Trilogy of life», three dresses that symbolize the past – woven with white wire, carries behind a path of light that symbolizes everything we dragged -, the present – woven in black wire, speaks of distancing to find ourselves – and the future, which is «drawn and thought ».

Image of the work «Like a room full of light», which symbolizes the past
Image of the work «Like a room full of light», which symbolizes the past – MIKEL PONCE

«I was trapped in all the narrative richness and the possibilities that weaving has, also because of the feminine sense it had, as it was a process little socially recognized “, comments the Valencian artist.

“They are dresses, but they are not fashion”, comments the author about the two large format creations that can weigh up to 200 kilos and that are knitted with elements that we can find in our homes. «They are the weight of the responsibility that time gives us. You cannot walk with any of them but at the same time they protect us from our vulnerability ».

Image of the work “We continue in mourning and rage” – MIKEL PONCE

The exhibition also includes several unpublished installations carried out specifically for it, such as “We are still in mourning and rage”, which reflects the femicides with garlands of light like those used to celebrate Christmas and which here denounce what happens in some homes under the guise of happiness.

“We are the result of everything we have experienced”, sums up the protagonist of this exhibition, which He has left his own vital layout until October 11 at the Center del Carme in Valencia.


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