The Police added the East Legal Medicine Division

In the framework of the 19 9th anniversary of the creation of the Tucumán Police, the governor, Juan Manzur, and the deputy governor, Osvaldo Jaldo, today inaugurated the East Legal Medicine Division in Lastenia. The unit works at the headquarters of the East Regional Unit Headquarters, at República and Tornquist streets, in the municipality of Banda del Río Salí.

The Government of the Province has a general security investment plan to bring police institutions closer to the population. That is why this agency, which has to do with injuries, will be able to respond to the inhabitants of the eastern part of the province, who will not have to move to the capital, ”said Manzur.

In this sense, the president recalled the progress of the project of the Judicial Center for Banda del Río Salí, which will work in relation to the new police division. “Everything is part of a general plan that consists of training human resources and investing in dependencies like the one that was inaugurated today.”

For his part, the lieutenant governor said: “We are decentralizing a security service, whose objective is that those who live in the east do not have to mobilize, and that the State provides the greatest amount of benefits.”

José Omar Safe, director of the Eastern Scientific Police, explained that the new division will be integrated into the East Criminalistics Division to finally form the Eastern Scientific Police. “This area will be in charge of conducting legal medical examinations and medical examinations for people involved in criminal cases, whether they are victims or accused; and it will make the samples for toxicological tests, that is to say, it will be in charge of the expert activity “, indicated the inspector commissioner.

The Chief of Police, Manuel Bernachi, assured that with the new division there will be less response time in the interventions “where medical professionals, in accordance with the provisions of the justice, must resort and bring this legal medicine service for different types of expertise In eastern Tucumán, in reference to the decentralization stage being carried out by the Police, Bernachi said that in Tafí Viejo the North Legal Medicine Division will be inaugurated and a new Office of Gender Violence is already being planned for the east./

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