The police detained activists from the Stop Bzdurom collective. It’s about hanging rainbow flags on monuments

Last week on a Tuesday night rainbow flags appeared on several Warsaw monuments. They appeared, among others on the Warsaw Mermaid, the monument to Nicolaus Copernicus, the monument of Wincenty Witos, the likeness of Józef Piłsudski, the monument of Jan Kiliński or the figure of Christ in front of the church of St. Cross.

The activists responsible for the campaign described their motivations in a special manifesto that appeared on social media: “This is a storm! It’s a rainbow. It’s an attack! We decided to act. As long as I’m afraid, hold your hand. Until it disappears from our streets, the last homophobic van. This is our manifestation of difference – this rainbow. As long as the flag will offend someone and will be “inappropriate”, so long solemnly promise – provoke? “.

Police confirm arrests for hanging rainbow flags on monuments

On Tuesday, August 4, the Capital Headquarters police informed about the detention of suspects in the case of hanging rainbow flags on monuments in Warsaw. “Due to insulting religious feelings and insulting Warsaw monuments, Warsaw policemen detained the first suspects in the case” – the command informed on Twitter. The detained persons were placed in police custody.

The police informs that the officers are still working on the case and announce further arrests.

Also on Tuesday, activists and activists LGBT informed that the detained persons were women from the Stop Bzdurom collective. One of them – Łania – was at the police station at ul. Wolf. The second – Margot – detained the day before – was to be detained in the street.

“Margot was just caught by the police. Taken from the street, without giving any reason. Chained in the back, packed by undercover policemen into an unmarked police car,” the collective informed on Monday.

The representatives of the collective also confirmed that the detentions concern flags on monuments. In another entry it was announced that the interrogations of the detained women were postponed to Wednesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, in front of the headquarters at ul. Wilcza, a demonstration was held in defense of the detained activists. Recording below:

Watch the video
Demonstration in front of the police station at ul. Wilcza in Warsaw against the detention of the Stop Bzdurom activists

The prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation into the hanging of rainbow flags on Warsaw monuments

The police and the prosecutor’s office were notified about the case of hanging rainbow flags on Warsaw monuments. As we reported last Thursday, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw launched an investigation into “offending religious feelings and insulting monuments in Warsaw”. The notification of the possibility of committing a crime was received on Wednesday, July 29, and the proceedings were initiated on Thursday, July 30.

– As part of the investigation, procedural steps are carried out to secure the evidence necessary to make the factual findings in the case, as well as to establish the identity of the people involved in the events – said Aleksandra Skrzyniarz, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw.

The investigation concerns two acts: insulting monuments, and offending religious feelings and publicly insulting the object of religious worship. The first act is punishable by a fine or restriction of liberty, and for the second – up to two years in prison.

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