The Police suspect that José Luis Moreno hides more than 400 million euros abroad

The Police suspect that José Luis Moreno hides more than 400 million euros abroad

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José Luis Moreno leaves the National Court after being released on bail

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José Luis Moreno leaves the National Court after being released on bail

The National Police suspect that the producer Jose Luis Moreno, who is out on bail after being arrested in the framework of Operation Titella for alleged crimes of fraud, would keep between 400 and 900 million euros hidden abroad, according to documentation of the summary revealed by the television program Everything is true (Four). In a police report provided to the Central Court of Instruction Number 2 of the National Court, the agents assure that the ventriloquist – “a direct consequence of the financial situation” that he is going through- he decided to “leave Spain”, “sell quickly everything he has” and “leave without liquidating anything”. Thus, the researchers conclude that “It would suppose that Moreno would not introduce into our country the money that he seems to have hidden abroad (from 400 to 900 million)”, which would have been confirmed in a call in which the producer himself participates on February 25 at 2:06 p.m. In this conversation, the ventriloquist would have insisted that he should leave the country. “What I have to go is out of Spain urgently,” he said. The agents maintain that the television producer allegedly established two locations outside the country: one in Los Angeles (United States) and another in London (United Kingdom). According to the report, Moreno “would also be building a hotel in the Maldives.”

Intervened communications

In the context of the information provided to the court, the investigators describe Moreno’s relationship with one of the alleged defendants, Alejandro Roemeers, who would have invested more than 30 million euros for the production of a series that was not made. The Police detail that they had knowledge – through telephone interventions – that “Moreno would have appropriated 16 million euros for himself” of the 32 that Roemmers would have contributed as a partner and private investor to record the series that the ventiloquist supposedly made with the company Dreamlight International Productions SL on the life of Francisco de Asís. In the summary of the investigation there are messages from Roemmers to Moreno in which he claims the money. “You haven’t done anything I asked you to do, nor have you contributed fresh money to society “, he went on to say. “32 million in exchange for nothing, except for an unfinished script and a trailer that according to the experts I have consulted lacks quality,” is among the messages. In the report, the agents also analyze conversations of two Moreno employees in which it is stated that “they wouldn’t hold up” an audit because it would be detected that “in the entire first year they did not begin to record.” Likewise, the investigators collect fragments of the conversation in which it is said that invoices of “staff that did not exist”, making believe that 100 people worked when “only” there were two.

Provisional release

Moreno has been provisionally released on bail since July 1. Although initially the investigating magistrate claimed a guarantee of three million euros, the producer presented documentation to prove a mortgage guarantee obtained to cover the amount claimed by the National Court. The ventriloquist is listed as being investigated for alleged crimes of illicit association, fraud, falsification of documents, money laundering, crimes against the Public Treasury and punishable insolvency. He is accused of having swindled more than 50 million euros through the creation of a business network which had more than 700 merchants, allegedly laundering the black money of organizations dedicated to drug trafficking. During the police investigation, which goes back two years, an intervention was carried out in which more than a million euros in cash was seized from a ‘mule‘, who worked for the organization transporting large amounts of cash in double-bottomed vehicles throughout the national territory from the sale of drugs within and outside our borders. The investigation was born in 2018 as a result of several complaints from banking entities in which it was manifested how by abusing banking operations this organization had managed to defraud more than 1.3 million.

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