“The police think they saw someone in the villa …”

“If the children had been found by the Portuguese police, we would have been alerted, but this is not the case” … This Friday, at the Belgian public prosecutor’s office in Tournai, the duty magistrate was unable to give any news of the international report Schengen launched after the complaint filed on Monday by a mother from Warneton (B), for non-return of children.

Six children, aged 9 to 17, who are said to have had to be returned to him after their vacation in Portugal with their father. The latter, a Northerner from Arrageois, has been living in Portugal for three years where he seems to have become radicalized, in particular against the anti-Covid vaccine, which he considers dangerous for his children.

>> “They think they saw someone in the villa, but they cannot intervene”, indicates the stepfather of the children.

>> The Portuguese police may have a solution enter the house, but without guarantee of success …


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