“The police treated us inhumanely”: Mawda’s parents give their version of the facts

The parents of the girl attack the police on the second day of the trial.

An the second day of the Mawda trial, before the Mons correctional court, Shamden Shawi, the father of the two-year-old girl who died following the shooting of Victor J., a police officer, wished to speak in court. “Two years later, I haven’t forgotten anything,” he says. “It’s like I’m still there. In the van, there were many other people, including another family with children. Mawda was in her mother’s arms and my other child in my arms. Mawda was behind the driver. Me, near the door, my son near me. Mawda has always been with her mom. We never gave it to anyone else. It was the other family that showed their children through the window to the police, not us. “

And Shamden Shawi then criticized the way in which the police took charge of them once the van stopped in the Maisières parking lot. “With my wife, we were the last to get out of the van,” he says. “When I left, I took Mawda from her mother’s arms. There was a fountain of blood. I was shocked. I screamed asking for an ambulance but the police were not polite to us. They took Mawda back from me and assaulted me in the back and lower part of my body. I have no words to describe this situation. They treated us in an inhumane way. When the ambulance arrived, they wouldn’t let us accompany our daughter. “

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“He shot at us without hesitation”

The girl’s dad then recounts the moment when the policeman fired in the direction of the van. “I saw when the policeman took his gun. He shot at us without hesitation and without wasting time. I saw him shoot once and it hit my daughter. Since then we have been traumatized. When my son sees a policeman in the street, he cries. My wife is no longer normal and neither am I. “

“After Mawda left with the ambulance, we couldn’t see her anymore. We did not see her again until after the autopsy. She was no longer in a normal state. It’s not human, ”punctuates the dad.

“Why did you shoot? ”

A few minutes later, after having come to his senses, Perhast Amer, the mother of the girl, added that, subsequently, “the police attacked my husband after having thrown Mawda to the ground. It is totally inhuman. The driver and the conveyor, even if they are human traffickers, can testify because they have seen everything. “

The mother then speaks directly to the policeman Victor J., in tears. “He says he has feelings as a father. Mawda was hungry that night. I made him some milk. I’ve kept it for two years. I always have it with me. The rag you see, she always had with her. I can still smell it thanks to this towel. “

And the mom showing off a lock of Mawda’s bloody hair. “Even if there weren’t any children in the van, why did you shoot?” How do you feel if you can’t see your kids for a day? I have respect for the police and their work, but I don’t want anyone to go through what I’ve been through. If they made any mistakes, let the world know about it. Ditto if I did something wrong. “

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