The Polisario attacks a border area in Western Sahara with missiles

Archive image of the Guerguerat border crossing.

The Polisario Front said today that it had attacked the Guerguerat Pass, a border area in Western Sahara that separates Mauritania from the territories that The Moroccan Army has occupied the former Spanish colony since 1975.

In a brief statement, released by the official SPA agency, he added that “the Saharawi Army launched four missiles against the illegal breach in Guerguerat and its surroundings. Two reached the Lawenia area while the others reached the northern part of the illegal gap. ”

“The offensive of the Saharawi Army, on the southern border of Western Sahara with Mauritania, occurs one day after offensives and harassment operations carried out by Sahrawi fighters in southern Morocco. “The information has not been confirmed or denied by Morocco, nor has it been able to be verified by independent sources.

The situation in the former Spanish colony is of high military tension since last October 13 Moroccan armed forces entered the aforementioned Guerguerat pass to evict a large group of Sahrawis who had camped on the track to interrupt a transit of goods through the area that the Polisario denounces as illegal.

Just 24 hours after the offensive, the general secretary of the Polisario Front and president of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), recognized by dozens of countries, Brahim Ghali, assured that it was a violation of the ceasefire and considered the signed truce broken in 1991.

A day later, he announced the start of military actions along the wall erected by Morocco in the middle of the desert, which according to the Sahrawis have been repeated daily since then and which Rabat does not even comment on.

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Last Thursday, the SADR already announced that the Saharawi Army was preparing to “expand the scope of your military operations, from southern Morocco to southern Western Sahara, to cover all sectors and enemy defenses. ”

The war tension has been joined in recent weeks by political tension, the result of the decision of the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, to recognize Moroccan sovereignty over the former Spanish colony in exchange for Rabat establishing relations with Israel.


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