“The political system resulting from the Fifth Republic is in ruins”

Emmanuel Macron and the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, during the military parade on July 14, 2020 on the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

La Ve Republic brought us government stability. We would be crazy to want to give it up. However, the price paid for this stability has steadily increased.

Parliament tends to be reduced to an approval function. Any criticism irritates. The Senate, free and independent, inspires the executive with more mistrust than recognition. The link of national elected representatives with the territories has been weakened. The forces of government, won by usury, were “challenged” by a new party spared none of the faults of the elders, a tree without roots or fruit. The opposition is shattered into a thousand pieces. The president locked himself in a face-to-face encounter with extremes, as if there was nothing left between them and him. And it is this “nothing” that mortgages the future.

It is no longer the stability of the government that is in question, but the vitality of democracy. Based on bipolarization, mother of alternation, the political system resulting from the Ve Republic is in ruins. Only the institutional framework remains, which must be rebalanced.

The answer by verticality is a misunderstanding. When the executive becomes Jupiterian, the virtues of social dialogue and the quest for a national compromise are immediately challenged.

At the slightest grain of sand, it is no longer Parliament, the territories or the social partners who stand up to power, it is the streets. The fear it inspires is the surest way to stand still. The indifference that the President of the Republic, responsible for “To ensure respect for the Constitution”, manifested with regard to other powers isolates him, compromises the success of his mandate and strengthens the enemies of democracy.

Republican scandal

This indifference ignores the requirements of a modern Republic in a society of freedom open to debate. This is evidenced by the aborted project of constitutional revision, of which the Parliament was the target, as if France still suffered from an excess of parliamentarism, while it is from the hypertrophy of the executive that we are suffering.

With the citizens’ convention, universal suffrage, the foundation of democracy, was supplanted by the drawing of lots. A sample of 150 people, by nature, cannot be representative. This curious Areopagus has, however, been given exorbitant powers, the Head of State having undertaken to resume “Without filter” his proposals. Modern replica of public safety committees, citizens’ conventions turn against the legitimacy of universal suffrage a populist ideology forged against the monarchy of divine right. We are surprised that this Republican scandal was not denounced with more vigor and that it is making new school for the vaccine strategy.

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