world The Pope appoints a woman secretary for the first...

The Pope appoints a woman secretary for the first time


The Pope has appointed a woman for the first time as undersecretary of the Vatican Secretariat of State. This is the Italian lawyerFrancesca Di Giovanni,which will occupy one of the two vice-directorates of the Secretary of State. His position is subject to that of the secretary of state, the cardinalPietro Parolin, and will be responsible for the diplomatic sector of multilateral relations, as reported by the Vatican.

In any case, it will be number two together with MonsignorMiroslaw Wachowskisince the State Relations Section now has two undersecretaries. Wachowskise will mainly occupy the area of ​​bilateral diplomacy.

The new undersecretary of theSection for Relations with StatesI worked for almost 27 years in the Secretary of State. She was born in Palermo in 1953 and has a law degree. He completed his notarial practice and worked in the legal-administrative sector at the International Center for the Work of Mary (Focolare Movement). Since September 15, 1993, she works as a civil servant in the Relations with the States Section of the Secretary of State.

He has also worked in the multilateral sphere, especially in the areas of migrants and refugees, international humanitarian law, communications, private international law, status of women, intellectual property and tourism.

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“Attention to women”

In statements to the Vatican newspaper ‘L’Osservatore Romano‘, Di Giovanni has valued the fact that she is the first woman to occupy a position of this level in the Secretary of State. “The Holy Fatherhe has made an innovative decision, certainly, which, beyond my person, represents a sign of attention towards women, “he said. In any case, as he has pointed out,” responsibility is linked to the task, rather than the fact of being a woman. “

Di Giovani will now deal with intergovernmental intergovernmental relations at an international level and includes the network of multilateral treaties, which are important because they sanction the political will of States with regard to the various issues related to the international common good:development, environment, protection of victims of conflict or the situation of women.

A woman may have certain skillsto find common points, to take care of relationships giving importance to unity. I hope that the fact that I am a woman can be positively reflected in this task, although they are gifts that I certainly also find in the attitude of my male work colleagues, “he concluded.



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