The Pope’s Summer Palace will be specially opened in August-Vatican News

In order to meet the growing demands and desires, the Pope’s Summer Palace in Castel Gandolfo has announced a new special opening time for August.

(Vatican News Network)The Pope’s summer residence in Castel Gandolfo is especially open to the public during the August holidays. The above news was published on the website of the Vatican Museum about the Pope’s Summer Palace. The announcement pointed out that in order to meet the increasing demand for outdoor recreational activities in summer, the Pope’s Summer Palace in Castel Gandolfo will extend its opening hours on weekends, the second and third weeks in August. However, on Sunday, August 15th and Monday, 16th, the Pope’s Summer Palace will not be open to the public because it is a Vatican holiday.

The announcement pointed out that during special opening hours, visitors can not only visit the Pope’s room, but also the lush summer palace gardens. Visitors can take an environmentally friendly minibus or walk to visit this beautiful garden and appreciate the beautiful plants and historical sites in the garden. The Summer Palace is also equipped with a multilingual audio guide.

In addition, in order to better visit the Pope’s Summer Palace and disperse the crowds, the Summer Palace website also gives some instructions: To enter the Pontifical Building and Gardens in the Summer Palace, it is recommended that visitors make an appointment on the official website. The URL is:; depending on the pre-sale status of tickets, visitors can also directly buy tickets at the ticket office of the Pontifical Building in the Summer Palace. In addition, the Pope’s Summer Palace also provides catering services, please make an appointment online in advance, or purchase additional items on the day of your visit.


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