The populist Di Maio calls a demonstration against the Government of which he is a part

In a political climate of tension and of all against all, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, former political leader of the 5 Star Movement, has called a demonstration for this Saturday in Rome to protest against his own government. It is considered to be a manifestation to return to the origins of the Movement, that is, to the squares, a call with which Di Maio intends to recover the prominence he has lost in the M5E. Di Maio will come out in the demonstration with the double suit of government and opposition politician, something that, according to analysts, does not help the image of the Government or the political stability of the country, which does not leave its paralysis and economic crisis ( the Commission has just lowered the growth forecasts for Italy to 0.3% for this year, to the tail of Europe).

There are several reasons for the protest. The Movement is on a war footing after the news that a Senate Commission intends to reinstate the life pensions that had been cut to 700 ex-trainers. The demonstration also aims to defend the so-called «citizenship income», an amount less than 500 euros per month that is given to people without jobs, a measure increasingly criticized and that some politicians intend to reconsider when they estimate that they did not achieve their objectives and that has caused corruption. A third motivation for tomorrow’s protest is the defense of a justice reform: The 5 Star Movement pretends that there is no prescription in criminal proceedings, which Matteo Renzi is opposed to within the same government Italy, with the risk even to create a government crisis.

«No to restoration»
Di Maio calls on the followers of the Movement to demonstrate against what he calls “restoration”; that is, it would be about protesting against those who “want to cancel our laws” and intend to restore the old system.

Di Maio’s adversaries say that the foreign minister will demonstrate against himself because he is part of the government and, in any case, what he should do is solve from the Executive those problems that he says does not solve the coalition government that presides over Giuseppe Conte. But Di Maio makes this defense of his call: «We knew that the system would have tried in every way possible to cancel the laws we have made in the government. When this happens, there is only one answer: The Italian people must go outside and demonstrate peacefully against this obscene act of restoration.

Back to the street
Thus, the Foreign Minister, Di Maio, returns to the identity origins, which were the movement’s workhorses raised in the streets and squares of Italy, without a doubt a behavior that is more opposition than party in government. The risk is that his protest will be able to paralyze the government even more, with serious internal divisions and almost in paralysis since he started walking, at the beginning of September. It seems clear that Di Maio tries to acquire the lost prominence to prepare what pompously the Movement calls the “general states”, that is, the next congress for the re-foundation of the party, to be held perhaps in April.

In short, Di Maio, who resigned as leader of the party last January in the face of strong internal opposition to his administration, intends with the demonstration this Saturday to relaunch a Movement in crisis, with deep internal division and free fall in the polls. In the general elections of March 4, 2018 he obtained almost 33% of the votes, while today the polls hardly grant him 14%. .

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