the possible three remaining doubts

Three doubts. Despite the fact that for days, for the well-informed, the formation of Inter anti-Milan has already been made today Antonio Conte tried to shuffle the cards. The Nerazzurri coach saved three doubts in view of the very important derby tomorrow afternoon. The only one really considered these days was the one in midfield, between Christian Eriksen e Arturo vidal, exacerbated by the Chilean’s return to the group after the personalized work of the last week. The Dane, however, maintains an advantageous position also thanks to the good performance against Lazio last Sunday. What, then, are the other two doubts?

One can reason by intuition, taking for granted the presence of the immovable owners. Unless there are minor injuries suffered in previous training sessions, of which however there has been no communication, it is plausible that Conte’s residual concerns are purely tactical. For this, given the frequent relay, the other doubt could be on the left, where Ivan Perisic he recently benched Ashley Young, which could be cooler than Croatian though. In addition, it has more defensive characteristics that could be useful in such a complex game.

The last doubt in Conte’s head, always hypothesizing, could concern the attack: so far Lautaro Martinez e Romelu Lukaku have been used with great continuity and Alexis Sanchez showed in the Italian Cup against Milan that he knows how to move between the Rossoneri shirts. Chilean instead of Toro, due to its characteristics, it would give less points of reference to the Simon Kjaer-Alessio Romagnoli couple and could be a tactical variant not to be underestimated, even if Lautaro seems inspired.

Conjectures, nothing more, also because only Conte knows which are the three doubts left to him in view of the formation to be fielded tomorrow in the derby. But the fact of being able to choose, after months of forced decisions, is already a good feeling.


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