The poster campaign in favor of Eric Zemmour, a new stone on the way to a presidential candidacy

The communication operation is successful: Monday morning June 28, all over France, passers-by were able to discover posters “Zemmour president” pasted on the panels previously reserved for electoral display. What challenge media and opinion, less than a year from a presidential election for which the polemicist of the CNews channel displays a growing appetite and the day after an election marked by the decline of the National Rally (RN).

Behind this initiative, hundreds of young activists from an informal collective, called “Generation Z”, from the name of the server that brings them together on the Discord discussion application. “These are 500 activists who put up 10,000 posters in 86 departments”, proudly explains Stanislas Rigault, head of Generation Z. If he defines himself as “On the right, but not on the far right”, this young Catholic activist, also founder of a monthly baptized The free student, has passed through the benches of the Institute for Political Training (IFP), a “liberal-conservative” organization inspired by private American Republican think tanks, whose mission is to train young right-wing executives.

Only three months old, Generation Z brings together fans of Eric Zemmour online, excited at the idea of ​​a candidacy of the polemicist – several times convicted of incitement to hatred – for the presidential election. “There are very varied profiles, neomilitants who had never been interested in politics but also young people from the Republicans [LR] or UNI [syndicat étudiant de droite] which are not found in the current offer ”, explique M. Rigault.

“Zapéros” in front of “Face à l’Info”

Generation Z deploys its energy on social networks, with “memes” (viral humorous images) to the glory of its champion, but also organizes “Zapéros”, where activists meet to watch together “Face à l’info », Eric Zemmour’s daily meeting on the CNews channel.

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“It’s quite fabulous to see young people structuring themselves”, enthuses Antoine Diers. This elected employee of Plessis-Robinson (Hauts-de-Seine) is the spokesperson for the Les Amis d’Eric Zemmour association, which financed the printing of the posters then entrusted to Generation Z activists. funded by the movement through donations. They flock, assures the young man for whom “The operation aimed to show that there is a Zemmour galaxy that exists”.

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