the posthumous creation of Ousmane Sy live on Culture Box

Dance, again and again. Dance against all odds, to stand up against trials, against misfortune, and offer life the most brilliant of triumphs. This is the magnificent lesson given on Saturday 9 January by the dancers of the Paradox-sal group in the large hall of the Jean-Vilar theater, in Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine). They should have celebrated the opening of the 29th on that day.e festival Suresnes Cité danse, alongside Ousmane Sy who had brought them together for this One Shot. Alas, the Covid-19 epidemic got the better of the festival – canceled for the first time in its history – then, on the night of December 26-27, 2020, the 45-year-old choreographer suffered a heart attack. « The last time I saw Baba (dancer’s nickname, Editor’s note), he was in full rehearsal and I had promised him: whatever happens, the show will take place and will be captured for television, says Olivier Meyer, director of the theater. In saying this, I was obviously thinking of the Covid. His death was unimaginable! »

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At the time of Ousmane Sy’s sudden death, his creation is not complete and there are about two weeks of rehearsals. After a few days, his dancers, collapsed, decide to continue the work and to present it, as planned, on January 9. A first behind closed doors in front of the choreographer’s family in a place that was dear to him. ” It was here that he made his first scene, in 1999, in Macadam Macadam by Blanca Li, as a dancer, recalls Olivier Meyer. Then I invited him five times as a choreographer. When I ordered this creation from him for the festival, he accepted by telling me: “It is urgent to dance.” »

Live Compound Mix Rhythm

As an extension of his last piece, Queen Blood, Ousmane Sy, who co-directed the Center chorégraphique national de Rennes with the Fair-e collective, had chosen a 100% female cast. Eight dancers who, in the completed version without the choreographer, will be joined by five others in the last scene for a poignant tribute.

Orphan piece of its creator, One Shot is animated by an inextinguishable impulse of life which illuminates humanity in the midst of disaster. To the rhythm of the mixes concocted live on stage by DJ Sam One, the show deploys the multiple essence of the universe of Ousmane Sy. At the crossroads of cultural and choreographic horizons, he orchestrates the meeting of different palettes of hip hop but also African dances and, here, flamenco with the exhilarating energy of urban dance “battles”.

Each of the dancers shines through the particularity of her style and, when she becomes one with the group, becomes one of the fibers of a formidable common vital organ. A fair reconciliation of the individual and the collective, where both are enriched without being swallowed up. An ideal set in motion here by feminine artists with communicative power. They seem to draw their strength from a fire sublimated by the ordeal and the fragility that results from it, for a flamboyant explosion of dance and life.


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