The Powerful Monjaro Weight Loss Injection: More Effective Than Ozambik and Semaglutide, According to New Study

2023-09-25 10:21:22

A new study conducted by the British National Health Service indicated that the “Monjaro” weight loss injection “is the most powerful to date,” and showed more effective results than similar ones that have been widely used recently, such as “Ozambik” and “Semaglutide.”

The study found that Monjaro helped overweight people lose 5 kg more than Wijovi and Ozembic.

“Mongaro was more effective in weight loss than semaglutide,” said Thomas Karagiannis, from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece.

Like semaglutide, Monjaro was developed as a diabetes drug but manufacturers note that it also helps patients lose weight.

Monjaro helps people feel full longer and slows down the speed at which food moves through their digestive systems.

Charities have warned that the increasing demand for this type of medication prevents diabetics from obtaining it.

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