The PP leaves the plenary session of Verín that approved a new loan

Without the opposition of the PP, which had announced the vote against, the government team unanimously approved a short-term credit operation in the amount of 2.61 million euros, aimed at “balancing the revenues that are being received or throughout the year ”. The mayor, Gerardo Seoane, detailed that “there are three IDAE projects, subsidized by the State, of which the money to receive is missing. All this adds up to the total amount of the credit operation to be requested ”.

The PP of Verín recalls that the councilor, after acknowledging overdue invoices for an amount of 3.22 million, assured “that there was enough money to pay all this, but we see that it is false, having to request another loan of 2.61 today millions”. The opposition quantifies the amount of loans requested this year by the Council at 6.8 million and the bank debt at December 31, 2019 at 3.4 million.

A credit modification for an amount of 2.2 million was also approved yesterday and the commitment to carry out the improvement of the Verín WWTP, budgeted at 260,000 euros.


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