News The PP requires a reform of the bullring of...

The PP requires a reform of the bullring of Cáceres, a BIC building


The Municipal Municipal Group of Cáceres will urge the plenary, via motion, to position itself on the urgency of reforming the bullfighting arena of the Era of the Martyrs, inaugurated in 1846 and declared as a Property of Cultural Interest (BIC) in 1992, as it considers that if the City Council is not acted on, it may face economic sanctions.

“This is one of the oldest bullfighting things in Spain and since its construction it has hosted not only bullfights, but all kinds of cultural, musical and social events,” according to the motion. At present, this building «suffers obvious damage and proof of this is the security fence that has been put».

The PP spokesman, Rafael Mateos, has visited the bullring and stressed that «you can see that the interior is in very bad condition; the roof has detachments, openings and loose tiles ».

According to Mateos, if the local government does not act, “the deterioration will be unaffordable.”

“His negligence with this BIC of all Caceres is motivated by the refusal to hold bullfighting celebrations in Cáceres,” he said in reference to the plenary agreement that prohibits subsidizing this type of celebration, approved last year by PSOE, Podemos and Citizens .

On February 7, the spokesman of the local government, Andrés Licerán, ruled out acting in the short term in the roof reform, for “not being a priority.”

In this regard, the motion of the popular includes approving a budget of 361,739 euros for the reform, already planned, of the bullring and “continue with the file for the execution of the work as soon as possible.”

“The excuses for not undertaking this work are an exercise in irresponsibility, and it means giving up the opportunity to continue making Cáceres a city with multiple possibilities for all kinds of event organization,” he explains in the motion.

In the opinion of the popular, “is to give up preserving a jewel of the cultural heritage of Extremadura and Spain.”

In this line, the motion states that not maintaining, caring for and protecting a BIC has economic sanctions by the Junta de Extremadura, so they urge the Ministry of Culture to “take the necessary measures so that the bullring does not I ended up in ruins ».

Finally, the PP will request that the Extremadura Board be informed of the City Council’s commitment to urgently and immediately undertake the conservation of bullfighting. .


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