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The first gift of Franco Caselli's 24th birthday was a football team. With 23 years and 364 days, this Argentine was elected president of Burgos CF at the shareholders meeting last Wednesday. The youngest of the three main categories of Spanish football, First, Second and Second B. "It was a joyful coincidence," he says with a laugh. Caselli, who premieres his master's degree in management and sports law at FIFA, assumes with temperance the commitment of his position: "It is proof that young people can get involved and have responsibilities in these types of projects."

The project is to refloat the heir of the historical team that played six seasons in the First Division, less after its re-foundation in the 1990s. The club, with a budget of 4.5 million euros, one of the largest in Second B, now runs without much glory in the fields of the category. Franco arrived at the Castilian club at the hands of his father, Antonio Caselli, an Argentine businessman and former director of River Plate who decided to cross the pond after losing the elections to preside over the club of his loves three times in a row. The Caselli landed six months ago in Burgos with 2.8 million euros under their arm. The family took over 85% of the club's shares and finished the job at the last meeting of shareholders, which reformed the board of directors, of which only two members of the previous presidency continue.

Franco, who since he finished school began to follow in his father's footsteps, went from the Monumental stands to the offices of the El Plantío stadium, in which he has surrounded himself with people of his confidence, such as his younger brother Bruno, who With 20 years he is already a member of the club. "My father always says that the most sacred is the family," he explains proudly. However, the young president says that the relationship with the outgoing board is "very good" and recalls that he is the first president in the history of the club unanimously elected by the shareholders.

The Caselli have arrived in Burgos at a time when the figure of the foreign millionaire investor begins to darken in Spanish football, where he looks more and more worried at the Malaga of Sheikh Al Thani or the Racing of Ali Syed returns to memory. Millionaires who leave the cause if there are no good results in the short term, leaving the coffers of clubs clubbed. The young Caselli, without leaving the institutional discourse, wants to keep those ghosts away: "Our project is serious, we come to stay and demonstrate our management model." His idea is that the member is “the center” of the club, for which he has already taken measures such as lowering the price of the tickets. In fact, it has managed to hook 5,500 members, with whom it has even shared a meeting in the stands of animation of the Plantío.

However, the team, fourteenth in Group II, has not just taken off despite the Caselli revolution in the squad. "It's a new team, with 17 players out of 22 who have just arrived, but we have to aim high," says Franco, who says he will make movements in the winter transfer market. The young president has between eyebrow and eyebrow that Burgos regains its reputation, that of "matagigantes" that won the team of the 1990-91 season. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia were the most prominent victims in a campaign in which the team stayed five points behind qualifying for UEFA. "We want to be back in the center of national football discussion," he repeats again and again.

Meanwhile, Caselli lives in Burgos with his partner, who manages the revived foundation of the club, and receives a visit from his father one week a month. The young president imagines one day sitting in the Bernabéu box watching Burgos, but cholista that his compatriot Simeone, does not set a goal beyond the next game.

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