The president of Haiti calls for unity, as the demonstrations continue

Haitian President Jovenel Moise called for national unity on Wednesday, while the opposition continues in the streets demanding his resignation amid a serious political, economic and social crisis.

“It is up to us to unite to make one last sacrifice for the country. This is a serious matter. (…) We must unite our strength and courage to seek the well-being of all Haitians,” Moise said in the framework of the celebration of the 217th anniversary of the Battle of Vertières, which defined the independence of the island of France.

At the same time, he added, that “we have to get along” because “there are more reasons to unite than to divide.”

“Unity is essential if we are to realize our dream of a modern society,” said Moise, in office since 2017.

For Moise, the Battle of Vertières in 1803 loses its meaning “if we do not understand the need to unite and if we do not put aside our petty pride and interests so that one can look the other directly in the eye. And commit to putting the country in the path of growth and development “.

“I found a divided country where people have decided that some are not human. Every effort I have made is to unite the sectors and the nation with itself,” he continued in his speech, in which he stated that he works “day and night to have a historical dialogue. “

The president denounced what he called “corrupt oligarchs” who are taking the state hostage, recalling that the people did not vote for him “to go sit at receptions with people who have been sucking the state for a long time.”

“We have problems with the system. Many interests have been affected by the reforms that are being carried out in the country,” Moise said in the presence of members of the diplomatic corps, the high command of the National Police and the Armed Forces. representatives of international organizations present in the country and members of civil society organizations.

Since July 2018, Haiti has been facing an acute political, economic and social crisis marked by demonstrations demanding the departure of Moise, questioned by the opposition for alleged acts of corruption.

For today, Wednesday, two demonstrations have been called, one from the Popular Democratic Sector and another from the Pitit Dessalines party to again demand the resignation of Moise and the establishment of a transitional government.


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