The president of the Canary Islands sends a message of tranquility before the contagion of the coronavirus in La Gomera

The globalization and connectivity in the world today, has allowed the coronavirus – which originated in the Chinese city of Wuham – to reach the remote island of La Gomera, in the Canary Islands. This was confirmed on Friday night by the National Microbiology Center, after five German tourists were admitted to the Insular Hospital Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe during the afternoon of last Wednesday, presenting mild symptoms after knowing that two of them were in contact with A woman infected in the Germanic country. Given this, this Saturday the president of the Canary Islands Government, Ángel Víctor Torres and the head of Epidemiology of the autonomous community, Domingo Núñez, appeared this morning.

The president explained that the moment of that contact took place on January 25 in Germany, where a German citizen comes into close contact with a woman from Shanghai (China) to take a course and that, “without knowing it, suffers from coronavirus” . Nunez later clarified that, although the city where the woman came from is not affected, it was visited by her parents who live in Wuham the week before she traveled to Bavaria.

Precisely, the Germanic authorities were the ones that notified the Spanish Health of the presence of these people in the archipelago on the 28th of the same month, after the positive was confirmed in the woman, who has already infected four other people in the Teuton country. Likewise, he informed that, during the flight to Tenerife, the citizen sat in a window without getting up during the flight from Bavaria, a fact that he repeated on the ship that transferred him from the Los Cristianos dock, south of Tenerife, to San Sebastián de La Slingshot.

Once there, the six tourists stayed in a rural house in the municipality of Hermigua, without any problem. However, after the tests carried out the next day – last Wednesday, 29 – five of them showed “mild symptoms”, so they immediately entered the hospital center of the capital of the Colombian island. The samples taken from that day were sent to Madrid in order to rule the result, which on Friday night confirmed that one of them has tested positive, becoming the first case in Spain

However, Torres took the opportunity to send a message of calm to the citizens claiming that “it is a single case” and that “walks better” showing some improvement. In the same way, he emphasized that his companions “have not developed the coronavirus after living with him for days” and, therefore, have not presented -or expected- “not even mild” symptoms in third parties. The Executive Committee of the Canary Islands Government will meet with the Ministry of Health in the first days of next week. .

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