The president of the JUR finally testifies on September 30 for the Popular

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Madrid, Jul 27 (EFE) .- The judge of the National Court José Luis Calama has summoned for next September 30 the president of the European Single Resolution Board (JUR), Elke König, as a witness in the case that investigates the last two management teams of Banco Popular.

In a ruling to which Efe has had access, the head of the central court of Instruction number 4, which last week had to suspend this round of statements pending the authorization of the JUR, summons for that same day that it was agency planning director, Dominique Laboureix.

Laboureix’s testimony was initially scheduled for last Thursday, while König’s was initially scheduled for Tuesday.

The judge sees it necessary for König to clarify some demonstrations made on television a few days before the Popular was resolved, as well as the leak on the risk of liquidation that the entity was running.

A few weeks ago, the JUR requested that the two senior officials testify in writing, among other reasons, because these are events that occurred “more than four years ago and given the technical nature of the matter, they may have to consult files to remember all the information”.

However, although he insisted that they would cooperate with the court “within the applicable legal framework,” he recalled that these officials “enjoy immunity when testifying as witnesses.”

Regarding König, the JUR warned that the reason for her testimony, her words about the state of Popular in an interview, refers to statements made “in her capacity as president”, with what are “oral statements regarding which she enjoys of immunity from jurisdiction “.

Even so, “as a sign of the disposition of the SRB and the witnesses,” the European body left the door open for them to waive this immunity provided they receive the necessary authorization.

On that occasion, Judge Calama already rejected that the witnesses will testify in writing, understanding that it is “a procedural privilege” not applicable to their case.

The case that the National Court is investigating began in October 2017 with the admission for processing of several complaints against the last two management teams of Popular, including its former presidents Ángel Ron and Emilio Saracho, for alleged corporate crimes. EFECOM


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