The President of the Philippines, an outstanding sexist

Rodrigo Duterte dissuaded his daughter from succeeding him as President of the Philippines. The reason ? Functions too difficult for a woman to assume. A surprising announcement, however, as Sara Duterte enjoys a high popularity rating.

“My daughter is not a candidate for my succession. I advised her against it, because I would really pity her if she had to go through what I went through. It’s not for women. ”

Rodrigo Duterte

President of the Philippines

As if to better clarify his thinking, Rodrigo Duterte added on January 14, during the inauguration of a highway, reports the site Rappler : “You know, women and men are configured totally different when it comes to emotions, and here is something to go crazy for.”

The Philippine president is not his first misogynist cover. “Duterte’s sexism was a recurring problem throughout his presidential term, even underlines Rappler. He sparked outrage over his rape jokes, lewd behavior, such as when he kissed a Filipino migrant worker on the mouth in public [lors d’une visite officielle en Corée du Sud], or even his misogynistic remarks about the vice-president, Leni Robredo. ”

But behind the sexism of his remarks made on January 14, the announcement that his daughter Sara – alias Inday – will not be a candidate for his succession in 2022 is surprising. Sara Duterte, 42, is no newbie in politics. Since 2010, she has been deputy mayor and then mayor of Davao, the large metropolis in the southern Philippines, following in her father’s footsteps. The latter declared in September 2017, according to Philippine Star :

I couldn’t find a better candidate than Sara to be the next president. ”

A Duterte dynasty?

Words that foreshadowed a possible Duterte dynasty at the head of the Philippines. Especially since Sara, like her father, enjoys great popularity among Filipinos. In a poll, the results of which were released on December 31 and taken back by Rappler, it thus comes first in voting intentions with 26%.

If Sara Duterte did end up running and being elected anyway, she wouldn’t be the first Filipina to enter Malacañang, the presidential palace in Manila. The archipelago has in fact been ruled twice by women. Two women who are, moreover, not entirely foreign to Rodrigo Duterte.

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo from 2001 to 2010, “A key ally of Duterte”, remember Rappler. Et Corazon Aquino (1986-1992), “Who in fact appointed Duterte to his first government post important”. In 2016, the Philippine Daily Inquirer even wrote that Rodrigo Duterte “Owed his political career to Cory Aquino”.

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