The President oversees construction of 2 dams

The President of the Republic, Luís Abinader, announced yesterday that the Monte Grande and Guayubín dams will be completed, the first on August 16 of next year and the second within 24 months.

The president made the announcement after visiting both systems located in the El Pastor community of Barahona, and in La Mina, in Santiago Rodríguez.

The Monte Grande dam is 51% complete. The Brazilian consortium Andrade Gutiérrez and its Dominican partner Servinca committed to the government to have it ready by August next year.

“This is a decades-long idea for the entire southern region, especially in terms of irrigating many new tasks for agricultural production, containing floods and making it the source of water for many southern communities, including Barahona,” said Abinader.

The president reiterated that he assumes the commitment to complete this work. “We promise that this dam, after more than eleven years, in one year and three months, we can finish it,” he added.


In the case of the Guayubín dam, the head of state reported that the government will resume work on the work, which is paralyzed because it was started without environmental impact studies being carried out. Abinader informed that the work will be executed by the Dominican Hydroelectric Generation Company (EGEHID), using its own funds, and will be used for human consumption, energy and agricultural production.

The president released the details in the framework of a tour he made through the project, in the company of Rafael Salazar, administrator of EFEHID; the Minister of the Presidency, Lisandro Macarrulla; the senator of the province, Antonio Marte, and executives of the institution.

“This project was stopped, because it was started and it did not have the environmental impact studies and as this government is respectful of the laws, we are doing this study so that it is carried out in the proper way,” said the president. He said that he also met with community leaders in the area, with whom he talked about compensation, because we must respond to the people who will be impacted by justice and by law.

He explained that the water that the Guayubín dam will store will be distributed equitably among all sectors, specifically the Santiago Rodríguez and Monte Cristi provinces.



The administrator of the EGEHID, Rafael Salazar, reported that the work has an estimated cost of 40 million dollars and will generate two megabytes of energy.


He stressed that the Guayubín dam will be built with its own funds and will feed the Sabaneta aqueduct, will irrigate 98,000 tasks in this province and will have a space for fish production.


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