The president says we are praying for Boris Johnson as coronavirus cases in New York outstrip every other country

President Donald Trump at a daily briefing: Jim Lo Scalzio EPA

The number of coronavirus cases in the state of New York has now exceeded 151,600, which means that more infections have been confirmed than in any country other than the United States itself, with the number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits rising to almost 17 million.

Despite these grim numbers, Donald Trump’s thoughts seemed to be on other issues, including blowing up the Wall Street Journal for not praising him for his reviews during Monday night’s press conference at the White House. The president tweeted against the newspaper and called it “false news” because he did not say his ratings were “through the roof”.

Other tweets from the president later in the day included good wishes to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who reportedly left the intensive care unit after being infected with the novel virus. Mr. Trump reaffirmed his good wishes when he spoke at his press conference on Thursday.

But the White House and its coronavirus task force have now limited themselves to who the officials will come into contact with in the coming days as coronavirus cases and death toll continue to increase. It has been announced that all reporters, photographers, and technicians must receive a Covid-19 test before entering the press conference room.

During testing, the President announced that more than 2 million Americans have received testing in the United States. Although the president claimed that the United States performed better than anyone else in testing, South Korea was a country that tested more per capita than America.

A reporter asked Mr. Trump how he wanted to open the country in the near future without an efficient nationwide testing system. The president claimed that parts of the US did well when it came to testing, but he didn’t clarify which parts.

Reports continue to circulate that the president has considered creating another coronavirus task force that will focus directly on the reopening of the United States. Earlier this week the president said he wanted to open the economy with a “big bang”, but health experts have warned that areas need to be opened slowly to prevent the virus from resuming.

In Congress, lawmakers worked on another stimulus package for the Treasury’s new paycheck protection program for small businesses. House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, however, said the Democrats needed more time to review and negotiate where the funding should go.

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