The press release of the Council of Ministers of Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Dakar, Nov 24 (APS) – The President of the Republic, His Excellency Macky SALL, chaired the Council of Ministers, this Wednesday, November 24, 2021, at the Palace of the Republic.

At the start of his communication, the Head of State reminded the Government of the paramount importance he attaches to the performance of public management through the application of two (2) guiding principles: transparency and Accountability.

In this regard, the President of the Republic salutes the quality of the legislative and regulatory framework governing the organization and functioning of the Senegalese Court of Auditors which, within the framework of its missions, has established: (i) a system of reference in auditing; (ii) efficiency of the control missions carried out respectively by the chambers of budgetary and financial affairs, administrative affairs and public enterprises; (iii) relevance of performance audits of public policies and follow-up on recommendations necessary for improving public governance.

The Head of State therefore asks members of the Government to continue the efforts made to produce, within the deadlines, the annual sectoral performance reports and the draft bill for the year; documents that support Parliament’s information, the budget orientation debate, as well as accountability, reinforced by the full application of budgetary and financial texts and reforms.

The President of the Republic indicates in this momentum of consolidation of the modernization of public management, the need to strengthen the management of human resources of local authorities, as well as the budgetary, financial and accounting governance of these State branches.

The Head of State, on this subject, points out the urgency of developing a financial and accounting system for local authorities in line with the budgetary and accounting framework of the State.

Addressing the issue related to the development of activities and the optimal exploitation of the Market of National Interest and the Gros Porteurs station, the President of the Republic reminds that these new generation infrastructures help to better organize the development of economic activities. and commercial in Senegal, from the Urban Pole of Diamniadio.

The Head of State indicates, moreover, that the creation of the Company for the Exploitation of the Market of National Interest and the Station of the Large Porters (SEMIG SA), with a strong involvement of the national private sector in the capital, should be used to stimulate and intensify the modernization of the system of conservation, transport, distribution and enhancement of production (agricultural, market gardening, fisheries, animals, etc.), in accordance with the best international standards.

The President of the Republic therefore asks the Minister of Commerce to ensure: (i) the proper functioning of the infrastructures concerned; (ii) consolidating the strategic positioning of SEMIG SA through marketing actions and the delivery of quality services to economic operators; (iii) profitable operation (for the State and its partners) of works carried out under the affermage contract to be signed.

On the social climate and the monitoring of internal affairs, the Head of State insisted on the following points:


As such, the President of the Republic reminds the Government of the imperative to ensure a smooth running of the marketing campaign for agricultural products (peanuts in particular) throughout the national territory.

The Head of State asks the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Equipment and the Ministers involved, to continue in collaboration with producers, operators, oil mills, transporters and exporters, consensual consultations and dialogue constructive around the organization and monitoring of the groundnut marketing campaign: a major activity in the economic life of the country, which will be launched tomorrow, November 25, 2021, after the official fixing of the floor price to the producer at 250 FCFA per kilogram .

The President of the Republic invites the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Equipment to meet every fifteen (15) days, the National Monitoring Committee of the Agricultural Marketing Campaign and, in the same vein, asks the Governors to region to send it the weekly situation of groundnut collection and related marketing.

Finally, the Head of State reiterates the importance he attaches to the participation of oil mills in the marketing system and invites the Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Finance and Budget and the Minister of Economy, Planning and Cooperation to take all the necessary measures for the rapid mobilization and systematic establishment of the financing required to ensure the success of the marketing campaign for agricultural products.


On this chapter, the President of the Republic asks the Minister of the Interior to organize in each region (at the departmental level) consultations between the territorial administration, local authorities, farmers and breeders, in order to have a mapping national concerns for the preservation of crops and grazing areas.

The Head of State asks the Ministers in charge of the Interior, Agriculture, Livestock and Territorial Communities, to organize, in December, a special national meeting, with the administrative authorities, the competent services of the State and farmers and breeders, with a view to updating the sustainable development of livestock routes and the definition of grazing areas taking into account the seasons, as well as the periods of cultivation and harvest.

The President of the Republic has, moreover, informed the Council of his desire to initiate a revision of the Constitution with a view to the establishment of the post of Prime Minister.

This restoration, which thus adapts the organization of the executive power to a new economic and socio-political environment, is accompanied by a necessary requalification of the relations between the executive and the legislative, in particular the reintroduction of the responsibility of the government to the National Assembly and the power to dissolve it vested in the President of the Republic.

The Head of State closed his communication on the follow-up of cooperation and partnerships and on his diplomatic agenda, focusing on the COP meeting on desertification, scheduled for May 2022, in Abidjan and the visit to Dakar, by the US Secretary of State, November 19 and 20, 2021.


The Minister, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic took stock of the follow-up of presidential directives and instructions;

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Abroad made a statement on the international situation;

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Equipment made a presentation on the supply of fertilizers for the off-season rice cultivation;

The Minister of Town Planning, Housing and Public Hygiene made a communication on the resumption of the national cleaning day (Bësup Setal), on Saturday 04 December 2021;

The Minister to the President of the Republic, in charge of monitoring the Emerging Senegal Plan, made a presentation on Special Economic Zones.


The Council considered and adopted:

The Bill to revise the Constitution;

The Bill authorizing the President of the Republic to ratify the Management and Cooperation Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Senegal and the Government of the Republic of Guinea Bissau, signed on October 14, 2021;

The Bill amending Law No. 65-51 of July 19, 1965 on the Code of Administrative Obligations.


The President of the Republic made the following decisions:

Mr. Coumba Ndoffène FALL, Holder of a Master 2 in human resources management, is appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the National Road Safety Agency (ANSER);

Mr. Cheikhou Oumar GAYE, Holder of a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Economic and Quantitative Analysis, previously Director of Road Transport, is appointed Director General of the National Road Safety Agency (ANASER);

Mr. Valdiodio NDIAYE, Transport Engineer, is appointed Director of Road Transport at the Ministry of Infrastructures, Land Transport and Opening up, replacing Mr. Cheikhou Oumar GAYE, called to other functions;

Mr. Mamadou DIOUF, Inspector in development animation, Holder of a Master 2 in local development management and social engineering, is appointed Technical Inspector at the Ministry of Community Development, Social and Territorial Equity.

Done in Dakar, November 24, 2021

Minister of Territorial Communities,

of the Development and Planning of

Territories, Government spokesperson


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