The press release of the Council of Ministers of Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Dakar, Sept 16 (APS) – The President of the Republic, His Excellency Mr. Macky SALL, chaired the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, September 16, 2020, at 10 a.m., at the Palace of the Republic.

At the start of his communication, the Head of State reminded the Council of the imperative to accelerate, in the context of the ORSEC Plan, the deployment of all logistical means of water pumping and relief, as well as as humanitarian assistance to affected populations. He insisted on the urgency of giving significant priority to the localities of Sokone, Kaolack, Ziguinchor, Joal, Palmarin, Thiès, Saint-Louis and Keur-Massar for the Dakar region.

To this end, the President of the Republic asked the ministers concerned to offer him a special interim sanitation program for Keur-Massar, in line with the ten-year flood control program. He also informed the council that he will be visiting the flooded areas very soon to assess the situation in situ.

The Head of State also invited the Minister of the Interior, in conjunction with the Minister of Water and the OMVS High Commission, to ensure, in the face of flood risks, the protection prevention of localities located along the Senegal River and its tributaries.

The President of the Republic has, in respect of the preservation of cultures and the preparation of the next marketing campaign of agricultural products, informed the Council that he will carry out an economic tour, from September 19 to 21, 2020, in the regions of Fatick, Kaffrine and Kaolack.

The Head of State asked the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Commerce to get down to preparing for the next marketing campaign for agricultural and horticultural products.

The President of the Republic then addressed the issue of transparent governance of the State and the strengthening of its policy to fight against Corruption in Senegal. He informed the Council that it had approved the National Strategy for the fight against corruption in Senegal for the period 2020-2024. In this spirit, he asked the Government, the private sector and civil society to provide OFNAC with all the support necessary for the optimal execution of its five-year action plan. Finally, it asked OFNAC to send it an assessment report on the implementation of the Strategy each year.

The Head of State, returning to the rigorous application of the deconcentration charter, asked the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Finance and Budget, in conjunction with members of the government, to ensure the popularization , in all State structures of the deconcentration charter with a view to its systematic and consistent application. He finally reminded the Government of the need to strengthen the Territorial Administration in its efficiency, to establish the “Fast-Track” as a mode of governance in order to consolidate the performance of public policies and the satisfaction of citizens.

The President of the Republic, in respect of the social climate, management and monitoring of internal affairs, asked the Minister of Culture to propose to him, in relation to the actors, a special plan to revive cultural activities in Senegal.

The Head of State, in particular, asked the Minister of Culture to work on the contractualization of insurance policies for buildings and cultural buildings, and to ensure the rehabilitation and optimal functioning of the National Theater “Daniel SORANO”.

The President of the Republic, on the follow-up of cooperation and Partnerships, reminded the Government of the doctrine relating to the treatment of cooperation initiatives, projects and files, in compliance with the principles of consistency and rationalization.

The President of the Republic closed his communication on his diplomatic agenda by informing the Council that he took part, on September 15, 2020, in Accra, in the ECOWAS Special Restricted Summit on the situation in Mali.

Under Communications,

The Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic took stock of the assessment and harmonization of financial and non-financial services supporting the private sector and entrepreneurship.

The Minister of Finance and Budget made a communication on the current mission, carried out by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), relating to budget execution.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Abroad made a statement on the assistance provided to our compatriots in the Diaspora and on the international situation.

The Minister of Health and Social Action provided an update on the situation of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Equipment made a statement on the preparation of the President of the Republic’s tour, the rainfall situation, the monitoring of crops and the export of horticultural products.

The Minister of Territorial Collectivities, Land Use Planning and Development made a presentation on the implementation of the project to open up production areas in support of the National Local Development Program (PNDL).

The Minister, in charge of the follow-up of the Emerging Senegal Plan (PSE) took stock of the progress and implementation of the reforms, in particular on the acceleration of the provision of land.

Under the laws and regulations, the Council examined and adopted:

– the bill authorizing the President of the Republic to ratify the African charter on maritime safety, security and development in Africa (Lomé Charter);

– the Draft decree setting the terms of application of Law 2019-01 of 1 February 2019 on the Petroleum Code;

– the draft decree repealing Decree No. 2020-781 of March 18, 2020, on the Public Procurement Code relating to expenses related to COVID-19;

– the draft decree amending decree n ° 72-1288 of October 27, 1972 relating to the conditions of use of lands in the national domain included in rural communities.

Under individual measures, the President of the Republic took the following decision:

Mrs. Aïchatou Ndiaye DIALLO, Civil Administrator, payroll number n ° 669 323 / A, previously Head of the Human Resources Division at the General Directorate of Territorial Administration, is appointed Deputy Governor of the Matam Region in charge of development, Vacancy.

Done in Dakar on September 16, 2020

The Minister, Spokesperson for the Government

Ndèye Tické Ndiaye DIOP

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