“The price of pasta will drop on July 1”, announces the CEO of Panzani

2023-06-10 11:42:38

About 85% of households consume pasta in France. Dmitri Maruta / M-Production – stock.adobe.com

This drop of a few cents could be followed in October by a sharper drop.

The price of pasta will drop on July 1, promises the CEO of Panzani who points out that “we don’t have to». «Certainly light, a few cents“, this decline confirms the announcement made by Bruno Le Maire on Friday and constitutes a “strong signal to stop the rise in prices or even fallfor Albert Mathieu. The Minister of the Economy had announced that “the price of hundreds of food products will drop from July”. “Secondly, from October, we will be able to intensify these reductions, if and only if the expected harvests, in Canada in particular, are there.», announces Albert Mathieu, CEO of Panzani, in Le Parisien-Today-in-France.

A welcome drop for the 85% of households who consume pasta in France while, over the first five months of 2023, the price of dry pasta jumped by around 17%, according to the Circana institute. A surge that the CEO of Panzani attributes to the collapse of crops in Canada in the summer of 2021. “Pasta remains accessible: 1.05 euro for 500 grams of pastahe assures. It’s cheaper than a baguette and it can feed 4 people, with a Nutriscore A.»

Next week, manufacturers will provide the Ministry of the Economy with a list of products affected by the price cuts. For those who do not play the game, Bruno Le Maire recalls that he will be able to use “name and shame”, by the end of June, to publicly quote manufacturers who would not make an effort, despite their margins up year on year. For the most recalcitrant, he does not rule out taxing them, adding that “the legal instrumenthas already been validated. Trade negotiations will also be reopened in the coming weeks with fifteen manufacturers.

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