The price of Playstation 5 in Argentina: 75,999 and 99,999 pesos its two versions already on sale in December

Playstation made announcements this Thursday through his virtual Showcase that was broadcast on YouTube live to the whole world.

The gamers of the planet followed closely the announcements in general, but two in particular: when it was put on sale and what price it would have.

And that was announced.

It goes on sale on November 12 in some countries (Mexico, Japan, the United States and Europe) and on November 19 throughout the world. Although the announcement of Playstation Argentina warns that it will be in December.

It will have different prices depending on whether the console comes to be used with a Blu-Ray disc or just for digital games.

In Argentina, these will be the prices in pesos, as announced by Playstation …

“The local community will be able to purchase at a suggested presale price of $ 99,999. The PlayStation 5 console, its digital edition at a suggested price of $ 75,999.- and $ 9,299.- for the Dual Sense control. During the next few days we will have more information about the start of pre-sale “.

How much is it worth in dollars? As announced by Playstation in its showcase, the versions are worth 399.99 dollars and 499.99 dollars. However, the announcement of Playstation Argentina does not talk about charging percentages or anything similar and sets the price at the values ​​of 75,999 and 99,999 pesos.

Playstation also showed gameplays of some of the games that come with the new consoles, including Spider-man Miles Morales.

It was also announced that users who have Playstation Plus with Play 5 will have from the beginning quite a few games that were all the rage on Playstation 4, such as God of War, The Last Guardian or Days Gone. It will be called the Playstation Plus Collection.

And another super announcement was that a new edition of God of War is coming in 2021.

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PlayStation launches its long-awaited PlayStation 5 video game console in Argentina next December, with which the Japanese giant seeks to make a leap in the new generation of consoles by offering a much more immersive experience to the gamer community with the incorporation of new technical capabilities of the console and its control.

The console will be available in 2 editions: PlayStation 5 with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and PlayStation 5 digital edition without the disc drive. However, the specifications and performance are the same for both consoles that will be available in Argentina later this year.

With this launch they will accompany accessories and soon games for PS5 ™. The list of featured games at the showcase included: Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Insomniac Games), Demon’s Souls (Japan Studio) and God Of War: Ragnarok (Santa Monica Studios), along with other titles developed by the top video game creators in the industry.

With the PlayStation Plus Collection membership (exclusive to PS5) you can access a library of iconic games such as Last of Us Remastered, God of War IV, Detroit: Become Human and The Last Guardian, among others.

In addition, this launch will incorporate new accessories that maximize the immersive experience, such as the Pulse 3D wireless headphones that have 2 built-in microphones and are responsible for providing us with the 3D audio of the console. A dual-lens HD camera in 1080p quality, for gamers to stream their games along with epic moments in them, and DualSense control, with integrated microphone and the great incorporation of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that will offer more realistic sensations in the games. hands.


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