The price of Telasco Segovia shoots up in the market | football 123

June 12, 2022 is a date that Telasco Segovia will not forget. And also for Venezuela. That day the Venezuelan left his first mark in Europe: to be chosen the best player of the Maurice Revello.

Despite not giving the title, the challenge was not great for Telasco. On the contrary, his evolution had an immediate impact on the tournament and there was no person who did not speak out for it.

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To such an extent Segovia did his thing that, according to the latest update of Transfermarkt, a medium specialized in economic figures, the Larense saw an increase of 75% in its value. It went from being worth $200,000, before the start of the tournament, to $350,000.

While the cryptocurrency market collapses and Bitcoin has lost 48% of its value, Segovia sees his increased.

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