The price of the new iPhone 13 in the Arab countries, the specifications of the phone, and the surprise of the new iPhone company

The price of the iPhone 13 in the Arab countries with its four models issued by the large international company iPhone, which is among the The world’s largest companiesThe company is also always keen to impress its fans recently, in particular, the company has also clarified the wonderful specifications that the phone contains from its 128 GB version to the 256 GB version, in addition to the 512 GB version.

iPhone released four different models of its new phone, “iphone 13 mini”, “iphone 13 pro”, “iphone 13” and “iphone 13 pro max”, each model has its own standard specifications and also a price that distinguishes it. The beginning of the iPhone 12.

iPhone 13 price in Arab countries

After the announcement of Apple’s release of its new phone, millions of iPhone fans were asking about the price of the iPhone 13 in Arab countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Kuwait. Therefore, a number of countries were keen to determine the price of the phone in different currencies, and the rest of the countries did not announce its price.

  • The phone is available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at Jarir Bookstore at a price of “800 dollars” for the 128 GB version.
  • A 256 GB version in the Kingdom is priced at $900.
  • While the 512 GB version comes at a price of “1100” dollars in Saudi Arabia.
  • iPhone 13 is available in Egypt at a price of “18 thousand” for the 128 GB version.
  • The State of Kuwait announced the price of the iPhone 13 128 GB version of about “300” Kuwaiti dinars.
  • The UAE imposed the price of “4500” AED on the iPhone 13 for its 128 GB version.
  • The State of Qatar announced the price of the phone, in its 128 GB version, at about “4300” Qatari riyals.

Iphone 13 specifications

There are some specifications that distinguished the new version from the previous versions of the company, which are:

  • The camera has been significantly improved and has become a larger size.
  • The quality of the screen brightness has been improved for the “iPhone 13” and “iPhone 13 mini” models.
  • The performance of “iPhone 13” and “iPhone 13 mini” is super fast due to the phone being equipped with an “A15 Bionic” chip.
  • The quality of iPhone 13 has been improved so that it is water-resistant to six meters from the ground.
  • The phone network has reached 5G.
  • As for the colors of the phone, it is available in “pink”, “dark blue”, “night sky” and “starlight”.
  • The four versions of the iPhone 13 and iPhone Mini will be launched and available in many Arab countries starting from September 25.

Thus, we have listed to you all the details about the price and specifications of the new iPhone 13 phone from the iPhone company in most Arab countries.

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