The Price series, episode 74, seventy-four

2023-05-26 12:00:00

The Price series, episode 74, seventy-four – As the searches increase in a crazy way for everything related to Price serieswhich appeared during the past few hours, the “Sawa” agency continues to publishThe Price series, episode 74, the seventy-fourth, complete, in high quality, HD

Increasing searches for The Price series, episode 74, seventy-four Due to the viewers’ great attachment to the series, as well as to the artists working in it.

The Price series, episode 74, seventy-four

managed Price series Who topped the highest viewing rates after the release of the new episodes on the Shahid VIP platform, after they started being released in late April.

Episodes were shown Price series Starting with Episode 52, where 51 episodes were shown before last Ramadan, and the episodes of the series always topped the search engines on Google and social media sites, and this time it ranked first in the list of the most viewed works in Egypt out of 10 centers.

The Price series, episode 74, seventy-four

The price series falls within the social works within the framework of suspense and romance where it revolves around the character of Scheherazade, who lost her husband in a car accident, leaving his young son who was not recognized by her family. Later, the child gets cancer, and Scheherazade begins to collect money, as a wealthy person offers her money to start the dramatic story.

Sawa News Agency reviews its esteemed followers The Price series, episode 74, seventy-four Full HD quality “from here” immediately upon presentation.

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The Price series, episode 74

It is considered Price series It is the Arabic version of the famous Turkish series, Love Remains, which was launched for the first time in 2006, and achieved success and high viewership on Arab television.

Participate in a tournament Price series Each of Basil Khayyat ، Razan Jamal And Nicolas Moawad, who is directed by Fikret Qazi, and recently finished filming his scenes in the Dahab series with American star James Franco, which will be shown during 2023.

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The events of the previous episode of the series, Price 73 Zayn and Mia’s wedding preparations continue, and the audience is sad

The events of the previous episode of the series 73.webp

The surprises are still going on, as Mia and Zain’s wedding preparations began in episode 73 of the series Price seriesAnd, of course, there is a state of frustration and sadness that dominates the followers through the social media, as the love story that they imagined for Sarah and Zain is really happening, but its heroine became Mia.

Misfortunes are still haunting Mr. Ibrahim also because of the tax story in which he was involved.

It seems that Mr. Ibrahim is on the verge of bankruptcy, as he discusses with Firas the sale of the factory, which will cost him a lot. Karam’s condition worsens and he is confined to the hospital. Sarah and Tima discuss the issue of informing Zain about Karam’s illness, as Tima believes that the time has come to tell him.

Later, Tima begins to tell Karam about her feelings for him, but he shocks her, saying that he loves another girl.

In the events of the same episode of Price seriesZain and Mia discuss the details of the wedding, as the preparations continue, and Sarah watches in silence, but Mia says to Zain: “It may not have been in my mind, but in the end, you want to marry someone out of spite.”

The stars of the price series

The price series, starring Basil Khayyat Razan Jamal, Nicolas Moawad, Sarah Abi Kanaan, Sabah Al-Jazaery, Rafik Ali Ahmed, Randa Kaadi, and Wissam Fares.

Price series announcement

Thus, we have provided you, the followers of Sawa News Agency, with the answer to your question, the series, Episode 74, the seventy-fourth, in full, high quality, in HD. We also included in the article the events of the previous episode of the series, The Price 73, the story of the series, and the heroes of the series, The Price.

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