The prices of driving license exams will increase from March 1

If you plan to take your driving license in the next few weeks in Wallonia, do it before March 1, especially if it is a test of technical driving skills. This Thursday, the Walloon government approved in second reading an increase in the prices for permits A (motorcycle), B (car) and G (agricultural vehicle). The other types of permits are not concerned because they are already indexed automatically each year.

“There has never been indexation for permits A, B and G since 1998-1999”, indicates the office of Minister Valérie De Bue, in charge of the file. Flanders has been indexing since 2017 and Brussels-Capital since 2018.

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Concretely, the theoretical exam for the B license goes from 15 to 16 euros from March 1st. In Flanders and Brussels, you have to pay €18 since January 1. The risk perception test, a mandatory step between theory and practice, will cost €16 instead of €15. The technical driving ability test rises from €60 to €67. It allows you to train alone after a 20-hour training course in a driving school or three months in the independent sector with a guide.

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The practical B permit increases from 36 to 40 euros in Wallonia, which is nevertheless less expensive than in Brussels (42 €) or in Flanders (47 €). The indexation is of the same magnitude for permits A and G.

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